Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cruel Summer, Seattle Weather Comments

Dear Mark

Seattle Summer weather is treating me like a high school girl. Some days it loves us and shines a simple radiance that makes us smile, but just as quickly the mood changes and the gray skies loom overhead and threaten to hurt us. The summer has been tough. I think it is a well established fact that summer does not start until July 5th each year. Our July 4th fireworks show is often viewed in a cloud of looming rain clouds that magically disappear that night and deliver sun to our summer season the next day. By the way, I've lobbied each year now for 10 years to hold our Annual Fireworks show(s) in early June. My reasoning is that this activity commencing seems to be trigger for good weather. Moving it earlier in the calendar year seemed smart, but my efforts have not been heard by the City Council yet.

The family reunion was a good week of weather. It was hot for us locally, but I was constantly reminded by our family from the mid-west that it was not hot at all. It seemed though that as soon as the family left they took the weather with them. Perhaps Seattle needs a confluence of Mid-west visitors and Fireworks in order to truly have summer.

Since then we have had a fair number of simple gray days, with some rain. I have worn a jacket several times and even deployed the arm warmers while riding my bicycle. We have these trends where it will become sunny enough to get our hopes up and planning activities only to turn gray again and dash them like the denial of ice cream to a child. Seafair weekend was just a cruel joke. All of those spectators sitting in flannel watching the hydros. Individuals left wondering if the Blue Angles would be able to take off, let alone perform, in our gray cloud blanketed city. As I write to you though I wonder if I've ever seen a hydro in true sunlight, interesting.

The lack of summer days has begun to bother me I must admit. Being from Seattle you know what I'm talking about. We are not bothered by gray and rain, in fact we almost crave it like a vampire needs a victim's blood. We are quite strange that way. But we have this power to sustain the long Fall season that lasts from October to July 4th because we get our token one month of summer in August. We need this. One month of summer charges our batteries, or our internal fuel cells if you will permit me the pun.

I have put mother nature on notice that she needs to get cracking and deliver some summer. If not I fear for the gray Fall season. Our transplanted Californian folks will go into a depression and easily cause a weather system disturbance that could only rival mom & dad worrying about you.

I hope the weather for you has been better and that you are enjoying the seasons.

Please send sun.


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