Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Missing Home

Hey Jeff,

We had a great visit with you and the rest of the family last week. Wish we could do it more often. As you know I’m never more homesick then I am immediately after visiting. Something about being reminded of what I’m missing out on really puts me down in the dumps. The incredibly nice weather in Seattle didn’t help either. Especially when it’s been in the 90’s and sicken-ly humid here lately. Seeing Jack and realizing that I’m missing so much as he changes leaps and bounds in between visits.

*sigh* Even my music selection is against me. Have the shuffle on and Gaelic Storm’s “I Miss My Home” comes on.
“I miss my home, chimney stacks and the cobble streets I know, wherever I go, when I find myself alone, I close my eyes and the memories take me home” Now obviously they’re talking about Ireland, but I get their drift.

Hope you guys are well. Miss you all, especially now.

-Mark “why does music always make me want to blog?” Moran

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