Friday, May 28, 2010


Dear Mark

Recently I fancied myself the idea that I could build a table in my office. I wanted to build a nice long and tall table that would be a good work surface for Lavinia and myself. I wanted shelves underneath to hold my many comic book boxes as well as they needed a new home. I got to work on a design in my head and eventually put it to paper to calculate it out. I had the basic idea by now.

The table was going to be 8 feet wide, 36" deep and 36" tall. It would have 2 shelves under it. I would have 6 4x4 legs and braces (I've learned you call them styles would be 2x4. I would use 5/8 plywood for the top surface and 1/2 plywood for my shelves below. I would then top it with a smoother surface, maybe a piece of glass or something. I would use lumber and stain the wood. I had it all figured out.

I bought my wood and started in on it while on vacation 2 weeks ago. Below are some early pictures.

These two are pictures of the legs and you can see were the top will go. This in one half of the table.

I ran into one problem where I did not calculate the extra 3 inches I needed so my top was a bit short. After a quick call to you I had it all figured out. I needed to take the styles off and and shorten them by 3 inches.

I set out to do that at the end of the day. As I was re-drilling a screw back into the style the power drill slipped and I struck my thumbnail quite dramatically. Now, let me tell you something. That hurts. A lot. I quickly got it wrapped up, seeing my busted thumbnail and wondering just how bad it was. I got inside from the garage, found Lavi and apologized for making such a blunder. At this point the pain was literally washing over me. I said, "I think I'd better lay down because I may faint." I never did faint, but Lavinia said I turned whiter than you on a snowy day. I got the ER later and they wrapped me up. No busted thumb, but I did a number on the nail. I'll carry that scar for a long time, but it won't emerge until the nail falls off. Joy to me. Here's a picture the day after.

Now after all this I still have a table to finish. So a week later our father came over to help me. I was ready to not make a mistake and finish this thing. I stared down that power drill and dared it to try that again, ala "'enemy mine" from the 80's. At the end of the day my table was done. Final pictures to be posted soon. The thumb is healing and I should be able to tie my shoelaces without wincing soon.

What is the status of your futon couch table?


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