Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jumpin Jupiter it's the Dragon Men (an ode to my Mom)

Hey All,

Mark here, (insert your shocked face here) hoping to lay out some words for the best mom ever. It was a few weeks ago that I was working 2nd shift and this means driving my 50 min commute without anything good on NPR. For Xmas my Mom gave us some CDs that were recordings of old records we used to listen to as kids. Spider-man and Batman adventures, along with Return of the Jedi. We used to listen to these over and over and over, which explains why Jeff and I can quote Star Wars verbatim to this day. As I listened I could remember the old records and when Spider-man belted out "Jumpin' Jupiter it's the Dragon Men!!" I was totally taken back to when I was 5. It also made me think about my Mom and all of the things she has done and still does.

Now most of you know my Mom. Sure to you she's the internet savvy, grammar maestro, super organized, diligent lady, but she's much much more. Of course if fretting were a super power she'd be Superman on steroids. If worrying was a state, she'd be Texas. Of course, I think one of the reasons we were such good kids is that we knew Mom would worry herself to the point of sickness if we stayed out too late.

I love her for her intentional sense of humor and unintentional sense of humor. Mom is famous for her out of nowhere zingers.
To a ~26 year old Jeff when he had long hair and joked about cutting it and selling it "who would want to buy a bunch of long gray hair?"
Although she is slightly more famous for her oblivious comments.
To Casey "have you ever done it before?"
To the whole family at the dinner table "I just love my stool!"

I credit my mother with my analytical skills. Dad has always said that Mom would have been a great engineer if raised in different times, or more likely a different state during those times. Using her prognostic skills Mom forced us to take typing and made us work on the giant Lanier word processor. She knew those Com-put-tors were going to be a big deal.

Mom tried many things with us, not all took. Neither of us can play the piano. We don't sing any Gilbert and Sullivan. We can't speak fluent french. Despite all of those things I know that she's still proud of us and I will always work to make sure that's true.

I have many vivid memories and one that sticks out is my folks standing on the front porch as I drove away in Pepe on my way to Cali. My Mom had joked "but he's not finished yet." Being away from family sucks, it just sucks (sorry Ma, I know you hate that word). I feel like I miss so much. Fortunately my folks and I are able to stay close via the phone, but still it just sucks! One of the things I'm missing today is Mother's Day. In the ideal world we could just zip over and spend the day with my Mom, have a nice dinner, relax and share stories. Alas, Mom and I have to spend another Mother's Day apart. I hope the day in Seattle is wonderful. We'll see each other soon.

I miss you Mom. Happy Mother's Day!


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