Monday, May 17, 2010


Hey Bro,

So I’m working out calculations for cell voltages and I have the music on shuffle. With my library collection this means I’m shifting from Goodness to Bob Dylan, from Rob Zombie to Enya, from Gaelic Storm to Barry White, basically it’s musical whiplash, but I’ve developed a strong tolerance. So I’m listening and trying to remember Ohm’s law and Jale’s – River comes on. For those of you not around Jale was this small female lead band from somewhere in Canada that Jeff and his buddies saw, bought the album (Rod might have got the T-shirt
J). Since everything Jeff listened to, I had to too and got my own copy (never saw them live though). Now, umpteen years later, I’m still listening. Not actively, but when it shuffles on I’m listening. The members of Jale have probably gone off to other bands or some liberal arts careers. I wonder if they, or any of the random small bands we picked up back in the day (Flake, Sister Psychic, Blackhappy, etc), still imagine there’s someone out there digging their old stuff.

Now I wonder this and also wonder if my friends consistent teasing that I don’t listen to any thing after 1993 might be true. Perhaps it is just me…….?


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