Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The LIMERICKER Strikes Yet Again!

It just wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day if we didn't wear some thing green, talk about what percentage of our heritage is Irish, all of a sudden profess to drink Guiness beer every day if we could, and convince our selves that actually cooking cabbage was what God intended. However, for me it would also include a strike from the LIMERICKER.

I've blogged about this creature's before and her weird way with words. Well the LIMERICKER has struck again this year. Read below if you dare.

When toasting, the Irish say "Sláinte!"
A phrase that will certainly haunt ya
You raise Guinness to lips,
It goes straight to your hips,
And makes you develop a paunch -Yah!

And the LIMERICKER managed to write one about my son as well.

Gosh Jack, you are already two,
An age that some parents rue
But you're being so good
(As we knew that you would)
That we just cannot help but adore you.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Brilliant Commute

Very much loved this video. I've had these bicycle race commentators in my head more often then my own guardian angel on rides in the past.

I am Mary and I want my hour back

There are times when I do things and I quickly stop and say "Oh my gawd! That was so much like my father" and then I apologize or something. Usually it happens when I get up on my soapbox and start preaching about something. Then it makes me laugh because I realize I'm more like my Dad then I often notice.

Well this past weekend, and this morning especially, I want my hour back and that makes me like my Mom in so many ways I think I'll be laughing until I do get the hour back. Love you Mom!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorority Kitchen

Many of you know that one of my jobs while in college was working in a Sorority Kitchen. The job was good and it paid me a pittance of a fee, but provide room and board in the sorority house. I lived in one of the downstairs rooms. It was a decent job. Lived near campus, food was okay and the work was not that hard. A good way to be on my own but not the full thing.

My good buddy from High School Joe M called me one Friday before college was to begin. I had planned to spend my time not working and going to school. My mother was off visiting my aunt in Salt Lake City that weekend. Joe called and tells about this job and that he is working in an sorority house with like a gagillon good looking women and that even the ugly ones are good looking and that they just fired some dude, did I want the job. I went over there and meant the House Manager and was hired. Never worked a kitchen before, but there it was. I moved out that weekend before Mom came home. I don't think she's been on vacation by herself since actually.

Anyway, a long lead in to say that I worked in the kitchen with Joe and another dude from our high school who was a year ahead of us, Casey Smith. Casey remains to this day the funniest man I've ever met. Even if I had met Robin Williams I'd still give Casey the crown. I've literally pee'd myself from laughter, tried to emulate his delivery and crass humor, spared in comedic wit only to be masterfully defeated with laughter for 2 years of living together. I'm not the only sharing this thought, many of my friends would quickly agree. Joe and I have many stories we could share but we won't because our parents think we are good boys.

Casey moved to LA a few years, now decade I think, ago to try his hand at acting and such. He's been doing it for a while now and we've very loosely stayed in touch. Mostly when his cell phone dies, deletes all of his contacts, he goes on a rage and then sends me email from one of a various email servers all under the name "buttocky" which just cracks me.

His latest effort is a one man show called "Violators Will Be Violated" and it is happening in LA starting March 5. See the link for show details if you are in the area. Casey describes the show as
"If a mime gets humiliated, chopped in half and fed to animals in the forest, is everyone a little happier?"
There are some good reviews of the show. I will say it is off the wall, but that is Casey. Watching the clips below make me laugh. I swear he would perform like this while we were working in the kitchen. Man is a genius and you just have to want to laugh to get him. Here are some clips from the show.


Kung-fu fighting

I say good luck to Casey and thanks for all the memories and laughs my friend!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

A sunny day at the beach

Jack, Lavi and I enjoyed a walk to Carkeek Park today. It was sunny in


Plantain stickers were a big hit. He's looking forward to some patacones