Thursday, February 4, 2010

14 Years

Last week Lavinia and I celebrated 14 years of marriage together. 14 is the one before 15 which seems so important in the count. Yet 14 is still pretty darn significant to us and we enjoyed celebrating. Lavinia and I had a nice time out on Friday night. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Seattle. We had a lovely dinner at Matt's at the Market. If you are in Seattle and have not enjoyed a meal here, you must. Simply terrific. The next day we spent it together. We finally got to see a movie, Avatar, and then shopped at the Pike Place Market. Lavinia's mom watched Jack for us, so we had a nice time away with little to worry about.

I won't get gushy again here about how much I love my wife. I've done that before and if I do it again publicly I'll be nominated for some sappy blog post award I wouldn't want.

I will say that I still consider myself lucky in life to have met and married such a truly great individual. Someone who compliments and supports me so well. I hope I do as much for her in return. I love you Lavi. Thanks for 14 years! Looking forward to many many more.

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Jeyen Chevenga said...

Happy anniversay, ya big sappy sweeties! Love from Daddy Jeyen!