Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Office set up

If you know me well enough you know that I have a "tendency" to rearrange things a lot. My Father tells the story of seeing me make a list once when I was little and commenting to my Mother that he "didn't know it was genetic" so this can be blamed on her, but I think my Father enabled me. I would always be moving furniture in my room, rearrange and rehang posters. It was like this was my little way of creating a happy place.

I admit, I enjoy it. Space organization makes me feel like a Roman Emperor within my little 12 square foot area.

I told my co-workers to expect it. I now get rolled eyes when some one comes over and says "you rearranged again?" I'm sure I'm violating union and facility rules, but my OCD can't be helped. I think I do this often at the beginning of big projects or when turmoil hits. With the things going on at work this year you can gauge how bad by how many times I've rerranged my office. I've done it 6 times this past year. Make your own conclusions.

Below are some pics of my recent set up though, because I think I'm close to nailing my office Zen experience. I have 2 desks that are standing height side-by-side. I have 3 machines that I use, a mac laptop, a win laptop and a Mac Mini. I use 4 monitors to show all this. I use synergy server and client to share my 1 keyboard and mouse across all 3 machines, which is often.

I like standing at my desk because I fidget a lot. Sitting all day never treats me well either. I will readily admit that standing all day long is tough, and I do use a tall chair 40% of the day for about 20 minutes at a time. Still, I find I'm more alert and my back and neck don't ache much.

My latest purchase (self-purchase mind you) was a monitor stand to allow me to place one monitor on top of each other. Here's a picture of what it looks like.

The monitor on the right bottom is my windows laptop.
The top monitor is my Mac Mini.
The bottom middle monitor is connected to my Mac laptop
The right hand monitor is the Mac laptop.
Using Synergy I can scroll across all 3 machines with the keyboard and mouse from my laptop.

What you see above is that Jack completely adorns my desktops too.

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