Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mark coming to Seattle

Pretty excited that Mark and Siobhan are making the cross-country trip to Seattle for the holidays. I have told Mark over and over how I do not take for granted all the work it takes to make these trips. Its a holiday gift in itself for sure. He's only going to be here for short trip, but it looks to be full of fun.

BTW, Mark posted some wedding pictures to my Zenfolio account. They are terrific. It's hard to believe how good Mark can look, but I contribute that completely to standing next to his stunning Bride. Just compare those to the shots of the two of us together (grin).

Here is the link to the photo gallery. Below are some of my favorite shots.

Here's one of the happy Moran family:

Come on, you just knew there would be a picture of Jack in here. I mean it's "Brothers Moran" only when there is no news about the "Wonderful World of Jack" to report, right... He was in fine form this evening. You can hardly tell that the Tux he has on would fit a small lineman in NFL.
Here's a great on of Mark and me. I'd like to say I was giving him advice from my 14 years of marriage. Wisdom that I've gathered and learned. Much like when we were young and he'd learn from my triumphs and mistakes. But no, I was simply telling him how much I loved him and how happy I was for him. I'm not too proud to say I wasn't crying when I did it either. I was really happy and this picture captured that.

And finally a simply great picture of Mark & Siobhan.

Can't wait to you see two. Safe travel.

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