Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jeff, what's a happening?

Been a while for me in terms of writing things to read on the blog. Although I'm sure the pictures of Jack and the video keep you all well fed. I would at times hope a little brother of mine could help out but he's been busy working his too-tall fanny off I hear. Perhaps I should get Siobhan an account and let her at it, I wonders. No, I've just been busy. Working with computers during the day the last think I want to do is "log-in" at home. Plus, a long post like this is hard from my iPhone ("iPhone..! Type Blog Post Now" app is not available yet either). Not posting is a trend. My cousin Katie seems to been as afflicted as me and actually apologies in her post. I'll do no such thing, unless you want me to, because I can...

Things I've been doing:
I've been trying to get back to working out, which is my secret code for returning to my love affair with my various 2 wheeled ladies that I keep hanging in the garage. Lavinia is okay with this open relationship and actually encourages me to show them some love. How did I get so lucky to marry her? Anyway, Its getting cold here in Seattle and I still haven't found a treasure trove of time to ride my bike, so I've been sitting on the trainer 2x a week in the Adobe garage (we have a secured bike area with a full work shop thanks to me). I set up a way to watch videos and spin away. I feel like a complete tool, but keep reminding myself "You don't win the Tour in July" as my motivation.

I've also been running 2x a week. My friend Rod just completed his first marathon and has me inspired to think big. I always knew Rod could do this. How I "feel" I look while riding a bike (which is awesome and perfect in many ways), Rod actually does look when running. Dudes, got form. I think the big part of running is nailing your playlist and I've been experimenting there a lot. As I posted I'm loving the new AIC but it is not the work out beat you need. I find that some Billy Idol, Rage Against the Machine, even some really bad AC/DC and such does the job. Maybe I'll post my playlist for you to laugh at soon.

I've been having a ton of fun with Lavinia and Jack. We try to get out on the weekends to enjoy the outdoors as best we can. I snapped this great picture of Jack at Golden Gardens last weekend. I also posted a new November folder for everyone. He is doing great. Talking a lot, giving and taking direction, doing new things. Seriously a lot of fun. He calls Uncle Mark on his phone often (especially after I call him) and says "Hi Uncle Mark..Bye Uncle Mark." We recently have been enjoying the maple syrup that Siobhan and Mark gave us at the wedding. He says we are having "Uncle Mark and Aunt Shi-van serup" and it's yummy with our oatmeal.

I've been reading a bit more. I downloaded the Amazon Kindle iphone app and bought an ebook recently. I purchased the first of the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher. Its a good read. I loved the too early cancelled Sci-fi show a few years back. I'm reading it more for the ebook app experience than anything. With a book like this the experience is not too bad. I don't think a book with long chapters would be fun though. Still, thumbs up on the app. It does what it does very well. The screen is of course small, but the navigation feels intuitive and the purchasing is very easy of course. I was surprised at the cost of an ebook. I expected it to be much lower actually, but we'll probably see that come down over time when more competition enters the market. I downloaded the Barnes & Noble reader app too and I'll compare it later. Nice fun way to read at night before bed. So far, it's fun. Oh and the book itself is a good story. I recommend it.

On the topic of reading, I have a few sites that I hit every day. They reveal nothing if I tell you what they are; Velonews, ESPN and SyFyWire, along with local Komo4 news. I've been enjoying a few blogs that I have linked on the side here. One in particular that I enjoy reading is Bike Snob New York City. He's really been on a good tear lately. I recommend it.

Winter Holidays
We had a great thanksgiving on the day here at the house. Very small group. My mom & dad, Jackie and Haik, and Lavi's brother Ben. Ben & Lavi cooked a roast. Ben seasoned the heck out of it and it was yummy. We had some preparation for this though. When Lavi's Dad was in town we had pre-thanksgiving with her Uncles, Aunts and Grandma. Jack calls Lavi's Grandma "Gam-Gam" and will often also call her on the phone.

We enter the rest of the holiday season not too busy surprisingly, but it won't last. Already I'm thinking of people I need to gather with.

We are introducing Jack to everything slowly. He loves his xmas books already. He still loves Puff the Magic Dragon too. His most recent favorite is "Happy Holidogs!" that Lavi got him.

We are very much looking forward to Mark & Siobhan's holiday visit. We are so lucky that they make the trek. Lavinia and I are thinking we need to trek their way again soon. We'll have to see what 2010 holds for us in the travel department. I've been thinking of warm days in Panama a lot lately myself.

The real news at work:
I don't blog a lot about work. I really like where I work and I love that Lavinia also works there. Jack's daycare is quite near by. We've been fortunate. But I don't blog about work because I'm a Manager and co-workers will read this from time to time. It's not responsible of me. But I will update everyone that we did have lay-offs very recently. I won't comment on them, you can google it and find many links yourself. I was not affected, but Lavinia was. We are very bummed out. She has some remaining time in the job and is already making what you Americans call Lemonade from the pile of lemons she was given (Notice how in that sentenced I identified myself with the other side because I know that it isn't lemonade that she's making but totally awesome Panamanian Lemonade whose name I can't spell but doesn't mean I don't it's Awesome!). Anyway, wanted you to have an update. I'll post as things progress. For now we are upbeat about it.

A List
A long post like this just can't be done with out a top something list. I do this because I truly only have about 5 minutes of creativity a day. Plus these things tend to draw out my little brother who is like a kung-fu master about them. So here's a little list of things I'll be doing this holiday season.

Things Jeff will be doing this holiday season:
10. Shaming his brother in to posting, trying to use the threat of his own mother's worry against him.
9. Building yet another Thomas the Tank Engine railroad track configuration, most likely late at night when the family is asleep. I have a problem. "Hi my name is Jeff and I build children train tracks... Hi Jeff!"
8. Trying to pretend that breathing exhaust fumes while spinning on a bike at work in the garage increases my VO2Max.
7. shopping.
6. Attempting to eat my weight in food cooked by a very lovely Panamanian women who loves me after all these years.
5. Most likely recognizing that running with Rod and Jason would be less like Chariots of Fire and much more like a 2 sober guys and a drunk fat man running behind them, but we'll see.
4. Celebrating the Ruskell resignation.
3. Striping the disc brakes off my Hei Hei and profusely apologizing to it for the neglect and then turning it in a light weight single speed without offending it.
2. Upon Mark's arrival undoubtedly joining him in short jokes aimed at our mother.
and lastly
1. rooting against Texas as my Nebraska Cornhuskers win the Big 12 Championship. Go Big Red!

Yep, these holidays will be a busy time. Hope to post more soon. Be safe out there and have some fun. Send us a line with how you are doing.


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