Monday, October 19, 2009

A Wedding Toast

I promised I would post the "toast" I gave at Mark's wedding. Here it is. There is a section that I did not read at the wedding. I marked it (no pun intended) and then write about it below.

Good Evening Everyone

I would like to take a quick moment to welcome Everyone tonight. Looking around the room I see friends and family that have traveled to be with us today. On behalf of Mark and Siobhan I want to say "Welcome" and "Thank You" for traveling and being here today.

I am using my notes to read some of my thoughts because I'm a little nervous. I've talked to CEOs, Pro-cyclists and other business groups, but I'm more nervous about this talk then a I care to admit.

At this point I should probably ask you to get a little comfortable. I made a promise to not talk too long, but I also promised Deron back in high school that I wouldn't always play Van Halen when I drove him to school every day and, well, he can tell you how that turned out. So please take a seat.

Others have mentioned that Mark and I have our own language so to speak. Our Mother will tell you that after seeing any movie that Mark and I would quote it to each other the whole way home Cathy was brave enough to employ us at the same and she tells the story of seeing us filing side by side giggling about god knows what but seemingly enjoying ourselves. Each of us has been with our wife telling a joke and when we don't get the hysterical laughter we were expecting quickly say "my brother would have laughed at that." At which point one of them will retort "Yea, but he ain't here right now, is he?" and just shake their heads. At that same point I'm certain the other brother on the opposite side of the US is struck with a spontaneous giggle.

I have too many good memories and tales of Mark to share in the time I'm allowed. I'll mention a few and you can equate this to a comedy show where only the punch lines are told.

Legos, GI Joe, Spider-man and Marvel comics, a breakfast tub of frosting, taking the bus home from school, riding our bikes, duct taped diapers, playing scrabble, Red Dwarf marathons, peeling the coke can out of the volvo, him being my best man 13 years ago, markelepsy (for those that don't know Mark's ability to nap is legendary), burning wheatgrass to advance space travel, a well worn and well traveled futon couch, a musical obsession that can only be called "Goodness," and most recently 15 credits that took 3 years.

[this part was not read] I've had a lot of good memories with my brother. He is always the first person I call when I have news, or I'm bored. He is the one I'm proud of when others talk of their siblings. He is the one that has centered me and helped me be the person I am today. He is always my best friend.

At some point even Little Brothers grow up. Although my mental image will be a much shorter version of Mark, I can see that he has become a very good man. When I have heard him talk about Siobhan over the years I could tell how smitten he is with her and it makes me so pleased to see him so happy. [end part that I omitted]

I am very happy to be here to celebrate their wedding day. Please raise your glass and join me for a toast...

To Mark & Siobhan.

Salud, amor, dinero

I chose not to read/recite the part that I omitted above. There are several reasons. The first was that I was nervous. I wanted to do my Brother a real solid for his toast. The two of them were so relaxed all weekend, and everything went so well that I really felt a responsibility to hold up what was my one and only real responsibility (sure there was that thing about holding the rings, but this was real important). I didn't want the toast to be all fart-jokes. The second reason I didn't read that part was that after being so witty with my one-line stories the sappy part didn't seem to go well and I wanted to wrap things up.

The main reason was that every time I rehearsed it, even when using celebrity impersonations like Cartman, Clint Eastwood and Horatio Caine, I kept choking up. The words mean a lot to me. I'm so very happy and proud of my brother. I simply didn't want to cry in front of everyone. I've done that before when thanking Lavinia as my support when I was an Auction chair for an event and it was not graceful.

I think I was surprised at how emotional the whole event/weekend was for me. I think my mental image of my brother aged about 15 years in front of me. I'm sure if you asked anyone they would say that I couldn't suppress my excitement for Mark & Siobhan. I think it even surprised Mark a little.

I'm told that the Toast went well and that my one-line story idea was well received. I am so honored to been able to give the Toast. I feel blessed that Mark asked me to the be the Best Man.

Love Ya Bro!

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Cyclojeff said...

Aww Dude, you got me all misty over here. :) Thanks for everything you did (For those that may not have heard, the talents of one Mr. Billy Eagen were brought to you by a generous grant from the Jeff, Lavina and Jack Moran foundation). It was a great speech. At least you rehearsed this one. For yours I was gonna start off with "uh, I think I'm on my fifth beer and I'm only 20! and has anyone noticed that my Mom is speaking French?"

Ah, good times.

Love ya Bro. You're the best.