Monday, October 19, 2009

My Bloggin Cousin

One of the many awesome parts of Mark's wedding weekend was a chance to catch up in person with my cousin Katie Moran. She is my Uncle Mike's daughter and the "baby" cousin of the group. Katie now lives in Austin, Texas but that doesn't keep her from bleeding, eating and speaking Cornhusker Red!

Katie also blogs and I have enjoyed reading her weekly posts on "Katie and the City" blogsite.

I know she'll love the Scrubs reference title about her. I have really enjoyed sharing blog posts with her the last few years. I know no matter what that I have at least one reader of my posts.

It was really sweet catching up with Katie. She's got a big move coming up and is working some crazy hours at the hospital too. What is just as much fun is seeing Katie around Uncle Mike and Aunt Diane. It gives me an idea of what I might be like around my parents, at least I hope I'm that awesome.

Here's a great picture of the top two Blog producing Moran family members. You will notice that Mark is absent here. Currently cousin Patrick I think is beating him for the bronze medal.

Go Cornhuskers! and Go Moran Bloggers!


KatieMo said...

Thanks for the shout, cuz!! I hope its not so long between visits next time!! (and you may not be surprised that I coincidentally had a scrubs rerun playing in the background while I was reading this :)

Anonymous said...

Great picture! It was such a great weekend seeing all of you. You have a beautiful family, absolutely love that Jack! Can't wait for the reunion! Love ya, Aunt Diane