Monday, October 12, 2009

Mark's Wedding... WOW!

Hi All,

Just back in Seattle today, returning from Mark's wedding. He and his wife are off to Costa Rica today (yes, I silently judge them for not picking Panama, but I've learned that he has to make his own decisions). We had a great time. Mark & Siobhan looked outstanding, they were smiling every time I saw them. They did an amazing job too.

Scroll down to see some fun photos that I posted and I'll get more on the zenfolio account soon!

I'm still going through pictures and and memories of the very fast 5 days we had together as a family. I'll post more soon. Promise

Really quick, I enjoyed so much the chance to see all of Mark's friends, meet Siobhan's family and friends (Becky you were my support!) and see all of my family as well! It was like a mini-reunion.


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