Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jack's Daycare

Jack had his last day in the Waddler Room at daycare (Waddler being what they call kids between infants and toddlers). He and a few friends are graduating to the Toddler room. His PEPS friend Marin, also at the same daycare will join him. Also his PEPS buddy Calvin will be attending and joining Jack and Marin. We are very excited.

Lavinia and I have been very happy with his daycare. We will really miss his teacher Kathy as she has been tremendous for Jack and for us. We stopped by Friday and took some pictures that I posted in the zenfolio account. Enjoy! Ryland and Lauren are the two in the pictures with him and will be joining him in the Toddler room. Together they are terribly cute and I'm sure cause some trouble like a pack of dogs.

Here's a neat little picture of Jack, Lauren and Ryland around Lavinia while she reads a book in the room. It reminds me a of U2 Album Cover.

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