Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jack turns 2

Happy Birthday to Jack! The little guy turned 2 on the 25th. We've had a fun Birthday weekend. Jack had a party last night with his close friends and family. These individuals absolutely spoiled the heck out of the little guy, and I didn't see him complaining. We had a fun party. Everyone ate Jack's meal of Mac n' Cheese, chicken fingers, apple sauce and veggies. Lavi made adult versions of all these things and would have won the Top Chef challenge had Bravo TV accepted our invite.

Before any of you asked, Yes I did get my son a bicycle. We went with the Prince Lionheart by Balance Bike. The concept behind the bike is that the kid can learn to balance a two wheeler before learning to pedal. This particular brand has an adjustable seat and the wheels are not wood, which makes inflating the tires easier and safer. I'm excited for him to try it out more. Already he looks like a young Thor Hushvold standing over it. Just get this kid a Norwegian/Ballard flag jersey and he's ready to sprint for the win I'm sure.

Turning 2 seems like an almost unceremonial milestone, and yet it ushers in the "terrible twos." This is a milestone that is almost as feared as the first round of teething. I think because it brings the expectation of whining, crying fits, frustration and packages it all with a wrapper of potty learning. By the way, its not PC to call it training anymore, they are learning, not being trained. Personally however he gets it I don't care what you call it. Jack is entering his two's like any other kid. I'm learning that it is not at all terrible for him. I think all these transitions should be called Parental Milestones because the truly challenged are the parents. Luckily Lavinia and I are making it through really well, with a lot help from Jack.

Jack being two is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to a lot of new things from him.

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