Monday, September 21, 2009


Hey All,
Since the internet has not gotten to the point where the voice comes through, this is actually the second brother.  I have to have Jeff post for me since my work doesn’t allow us to do this things with their internet (crazy guys are worried about us not working and making them money or something, I dunno).  Wouldn’t it be cool if the voice did come across as you were reading??  Although Jeff and I have been told that we sound similar, and especially so on the phone.  I’ve actually fooled my own mother into thinking I was him, proving that despite her stature she is not an emperor penguin (you see penguins can always recognize their kids by their cries, ya know if you have to explain the joke, perhaps it’s not that good……)
The wedding is in 17 days and things are going well out here.  For all of you out there that are making the trip out East, the foliage is on pace to be looking pretty darn spectacular.  I’d like to make a general request that everyone pray for good weather.    Lots of folks ask me if I’m ready and the answer is that I’m so very ready for the marriage, but the wedding is a bit cumbersome.  The planning is going well though.  We have great folks helping us out.  There have been the, apparently inevitable, discussions on table napkins and floral arrangements.  After my third apathy induced aneurism Siobhan took point on all of those details (and God bless her for it).  Our weekends have been full of commerce upon more commerce as the small details are tended too.  All things being said this process is much easier on the groom than the bride.  I have to get measured for  a tux, once, and that’s pretty much it.  For the bride there are several fittings, hair appts. for different options, etc, etc., etc.  Once again I send mental thank you-s to my father for the Y chromosome.   
As I think about it I’m looking forward to so many things, so many that it requires a list
I’m looking forward to having everyone see my new adopted home (my home heart will always belong to Seattle).  Northampton is cool too.
I’m looking forward to having a pint with Larry.  
I’m looking forward to Jack in a little tux.
I’m looking forward to getting Shawn to lie down again on the old Futon (I think the body imprint has lasted this long)
I’m looking forward to telling Sr. Ann that there’s only Coke and no Pepsi at the reception (take that mid-westener!!!)
I’m looking forward to Siobhan meeting more of my family
I’m looking forward to meeting more of Siobhan’s family
I’m looking forward to having Deron point out numerous, numerous times, that we’re three hours ahead
I’m looking forward to Mom speaking French to strangers
I’m looking forward to and also a bit scared of Jeff’s toast
I’m looking forward to locking Siobhan down before she realizes how much better she could do  
Well that’s just some of the stuff I’m looking forward to.
Thanks for listening.  I’ll try to be more active in the posting.  

------ End of Forwarded Message

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KatieMo said...

I guess I need to bring my own pepsi to the reception. I hope it fits in my suitcase.

PS The University of Nebraska was a Pepsi campus, and I am a proud graduate. Also, can't wait for the wedding ;)