Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Uncle Mark doens't post, Jack cries

It is true. Jack's been very upset recently. He says he misses Uncle Mark's funny posts and updates on life. He wonders how he is, just like the rest of the family. Jack wishes Uncle Mark would at least send presents if he is not going to post funny things. Jack says he posts more than Uncle Mark and that is shame.

  • Jack says "Dadd-na, why doesn't Uncle Mark post to the blog?" (sniff, sniff)
  • Daddy says "I don't know Son."
  • Jack - "It's called Brothers Moran, not Dadd-na Moran, right?"
  • Daddy - "That's right."
  • Jack - "Do we need to rebrand the blog if Uncle Mark doesn't post?"
  • Daddy - "That could be possible."
  • Jack - "Maybe you could call it Cousins Moran and blog with Cousin Katie, she seems to know how to do this more than Uncle. Or maybe Cousin Patrick."
  • Daddy - "Maybe. It would be fun to trade 80's music barbs with Cousin Katie or work in recycling humor with Cousin Patrick."
  • Jack - "Maybe you could start a blog with Gaam called "Gamm, Grammar and Geneology"
  • Daddy - "I would, but the Grammar correcting part would cause me to go into therapy again."
  • Jack - "What's therapy? That you take when you have a coldz?"
  • Daddy - "No that's thera-flu"
  • Jack - "oh... how about I start a blog called "I'm cute and you know it, that's why you read.com"
  • Daddy - "That could catch on."
  • Jack - "Cool. Dadd-na"
  • Daddy - "Yes Jack?"
  • Jack - "Hard Sun? peeeaaassseee.

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