Monday, August 31, 2009

S-U-P-E-R-M-A-N, say it right

Lavinia and I had one of our first "what did he just say?" moments in the car this morning. Lavinia and I were chatting and Jack was distracted looking at trucks and cars. Then he starts saying something that we couldn't quite understand.

"Shuutdma" We were like huh?
He tried again "Shootd-ma" and again and again "Shoot-dman" "Shuuuotaman"
Finally he says it more clearly and with some conviction.

"Shoot Da Man!"

We froze and glanced at each other. The glance said "Did he just say 'Shoot the Man' and did you teach him that?"

Over and over again "Shoot Da Man" and this time sounding more and more Rastafari as he says it. I'm now thinking that this was some Bob Marley song. He's heard I shot the Sheriff, but that can't be right. Did Grandpa teach him this when my back was turned? No he would teach Jack to tickle his Uncle Mark not say this.

Shoot Da Man, Shoot Da Man. He raises his fist in the air and says it again. Now we are thinking that he's gotten a hold of some Blank Panther literature. When did our child become so militant? We have no idea what he's trying to say.

Finally it clicks. He raises his fist in the air and says it again, but this time ends with an Air Whooshing noise..... SUPERMAN!

Lordy but we started laughing hysterically. SUPERMAN. Yes... Super-man! Good job Jack.

Yesterday we were listening to the theme music from Superman (Yes I have that in my iPod you should not be surprise) and I was flying him through the air and running around with our hands in the air making flying noises.

Who knew that some thing so innocent could make us think our child was a militant Zapista who wanted to take extreme action against those he felt were oppressing him and others like him, Shoot Da Man, indeed.

We'll be working all week on Jack's pronunciation.



Max said...

Rise up! ¡Viva la Superman-olucĂ­on!

RMM said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny. Rory says "Mickey Mice" instead of "Mickey Mouse." Love it when they are first talking.