Saturday, August 1, 2009

How we coped with the heat

Seattle was hit with the hottest few days on record this week. We reached 103 degree on Wednesday which broke a 70 year record. I've already posted about what weather wimps we in Seattle are, even the transplants to the area don't get along well outside of the safe 65-75 degree weather comfortable range of Seattle. Lavinia, Jack and I took some measures to stay cool.

During the day both Jack's daycare and work are AC'ed, very nice. Although one day I was in training all day and was freezing, until I stepped outside causing me to run back in to seek the cool comfort of our technologically enforced climate.

It was getting home when the weather really got hot. Our house, unlike my Midwest family's homes, is not AC. We have a temp gauge in Jack's room. For 3 days in a row it registered 90 degrees and honestly I think it stops there not expecting a room to be more than that. So we'd put on the fans to start sucking what cool air may be outside in and the hot air out. If our house had wings we'd have taken flight with so much air running through. Opening the garage door caused the best draft.

I think I took about 4 showers a day to stay cool. I've never been so clean. Jack gets a bath every night and it helped him go to bed nice and cool. He slept through the heat pretty well. Only last weekend did a hot afternoon nap wake him up. He definitely takes after his Mami in that way.

One of the biggest fallouts of the heat is not being sweaty and uncomfortable but coming to the start realization of how much the rain helps keep our area beautiful and clean. The air quality right now is terrible. We can't see the mountains ("the mountains are not out" is a phrase we use. Only in Seattle can we hide a mountain with rain or smog) right now because of the air quality. It is doing a number on people's allergies as well.

All in all, we are glad to see some cool 80 degree weather. I'm happy to see how well Jack does in the heat. He didn't take after his Irish bred father and that is a good thing in that way.

Here's to some cooler weather.

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