Sunday, August 9, 2009

Documenting the Cuteness

I'm posting today to document some of the gazillion cute things that Jack is doing these days. For those that have met this little guy I'm sure it comes as no surprise. If you haven't met him then enjoy some of these things.

I should start by saying that as I type this blog post, Jack is sitting at the table with his laptop. A "Fun2Learn" toy. He's typing letters and the computer makes the sound and relates it to an object. I can ask him to type "R" and he'll find it (it means rooster). Cute to see him "working" along side Daddy.

I already posted how Jack loves music. His favorite CDs so far are two children songs that are in Spanish. He will sway back and forth and get a silly grin on his face if you are watching him. He asks for music by saying "mukkakahahahakkahha" and doing his own sign for music which is waving his hand in the air near his arm. This is close to the real sign for music. He also asks for the iPod to be put in the speaker dock to play music. More times than not he wants "Hard Sun" by Eddie Vedder, then we shuffle from their. He doesn't seem to like Sister Psychic much, but enjoys AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and Van Halen's "Running with the Devil" along with other songs by Eric Clapton and the Doors. Daddy sings "People Are Strange" to him often.

Singing. Jack has recently started signing songs more and more. Always animated before, he now is singing real words. His favorite right now is "Puff the Magic Dragon" (thank you Uncle Tom for the book and stuffed animal). He takes Puff to bed with him. One can't read Puff the Magic Dragon, one is compelled to sing it. Surprisingly I can do this without hurting his or his Momma's ears. So Jack will sing along with me. "Puff the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea" and he will come in on Dragon and Sea with a big grin. "Wheels on the Bus" is also another favorite.

On names, I am recently being called "Dadd-na" these days. I'm not sure where the "na" came from, but it is unique and cute to him. Lavi is "Momma." My parents are "Gram" and "Grandpa" which he pronounces "Gaam" and "Gandpa" missing the "r." Lavi's parents are "Coco" and "La-La." La-La is short for Abuela (Spanish for grandmother). Coco though is a longer story. When we were in Panama Jack called the dog coco and one time he called Lavi's Dad Coco. Well everyone thought it was funny that Jack already knew that Lavi's Dad was a dog and it stuck. So he's now "Coco." Jack is saying other names too, like Ben and Mark and the names of friends like "Cal-vin" and "Marin" and "Rylnn."

He still sucks his thumb from time to time. When he does he holds the back of his head with his right hand. You've probably seen a picture in our Zenfolio posts. It's really cute. He'll be playing and then take a 2 minute thumb suck time out and go right back to it.

At Daycare Jack busy all day and he appears to have a very good time. Most recently we came to pick him up. His Teacher informed us that he had a very busy day rearranging the room with his buddy Ryland. Lavinia didn't miss a beat when she said "I didn't know there was a gene for that" as I started laughing hysterically, because we all know where he inherited that.

This only scratches the surface of how cute and adorable he is. He appears to have finished his work on his laptop. He was chatting with Cal2Moms I suspect again.


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