Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do not disrespect Moyer

I've already posted my admiration for Baseball Pitcher Jamie Moyer. I was thrilled to see him on the World Series Winning Philadelphia Phillies last year. The guy is a class act.

I'm posting today to fans of the Phillies to let them know that their season is now over and that they should probably write off the next few years. Phillies management has disrespected Moyer and that brings some seriously bad voodoo vibes for the clubhouse.

I speak from experience. The Seattle Mariners did the same thing and the team has not been the same since. Teams take a little nose dive in the old Win/Loss column, get panicked, bring in some talent and disrespect the best veteran they have.

I tell you Philly's fans, it's over and I'm sad for you.

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