Monday, August 31, 2009

A Cousin Slideshow

Here's a quick slideshow of Jack hanging out with this cousins from Salt Lake City. (More an excuse of his Daddy to try out the new slideshow ability of his zenfolio account!

Disney to buy Marvel

I do not know how I feel about Disney purchasing Marvel Comics. On one hand the Mouse house is a media publishing giant and Marvel could use the infusion of cash. Disney is a pretty big Adobe customer too so that is cool. More Flash based Digital Comics please.

But are we ready for Mickey to rule the Marvel universe? Marvel is a bit edgier than Disney. That is like saying though that Mary Poppins is edgier than Tinkerbell, but it is still true.

I think we settle the leadership old school with a cage match between Mickey and Spider-ham.

S-U-P-E-R-M-A-N, say it right

Lavinia and I had one of our first "what did he just say?" moments in the car this morning. Lavinia and I were chatting and Jack was distracted looking at trucks and cars. Then he starts saying something that we couldn't quite understand.

"Shuutdma" We were like huh?
He tried again "Shootd-ma" and again and again "Shoot-dman" "Shuuuotaman"
Finally he says it more clearly and with some conviction.

"Shoot Da Man!"

We froze and glanced at each other. The glance said "Did he just say 'Shoot the Man' and did you teach him that?"

Over and over again "Shoot Da Man" and this time sounding more and more Rastafari as he says it. I'm now thinking that this was some Bob Marley song. He's heard I shot the Sheriff, but that can't be right. Did Grandpa teach him this when my back was turned? No he would teach Jack to tickle his Uncle Mark not say this.

Shoot Da Man, Shoot Da Man. He raises his fist in the air and says it again. Now we are thinking that he's gotten a hold of some Blank Panther literature. When did our child become so militant? We have no idea what he's trying to say.

Finally it clicks. He raises his fist in the air and says it again, but this time ends with an Air Whooshing noise..... SUPERMAN!

Lordy but we started laughing hysterically. SUPERMAN. Yes... Super-man! Good job Jack.

Yesterday we were listening to the theme music from Superman (Yes I have that in my iPod you should not be surprise) and I was flying him through the air and running around with our hands in the air making flying noises.

Who knew that some thing so innocent could make us think our child was a militant Zapista who wanted to take extreme action against those he felt were oppressing him and others like him, Shoot Da Man, indeed.

We'll be working all week on Jack's pronunciation.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

A wedding Tux email thread

Mark recently sent an email to his Groomsmen about getting their tux measurements. What ensued was an email thread that as pretty good. For Mark's benefit I've captured it below with only minor editing. Enjoy.

Mark wrote:

FYI - we've got the tuxedo rental stuff ready to go. You'll have to stop by your local Men's Warehouse and get measured. You have until Mid September (9/14/09 at the latest), but best to do it a head of time, so long as you're not planning any drastic body changes between now and then. [details followed]

Can't tell you how excited I am to see you guys and have you up there with me. I went through an experience recently where I had to help out someone for his wedding and he asked me to be a part of the ceremony.... As I stood up there ... I thought about you guys and how I'm blessed to have you. I'm a pretty lucky guy to have friends as old and as close as you guys are.

More later.
Mark "draining your wallet" Moran

Jeff immediately responded with:


Nice decision on the tuxes though because as a group we were just going to wear wedding thongs or togas. This will make things much classier, no matter what Shawn says. The Tux will also cover Neil’s Van Halen tattoo (you know you have one) but it is a bummer that Deron’s sun bronzed Arizona orange body will not be on display. I know that Jeremy and I were excited to anchor the all white side with Shawn though, showing the true power of the NW.

I have to admit that Jack (my son) is a little bummed out as he will have to unveil his Tom Cruise inspired diaper slide dance at the reception now rather than walking the rings down the aisle.


Shawn jumped right in and replied:

I am deeply disturbed by this tux development. WTF, man! I think the combined wattage of our true whiteness would have been glorious, though nothing could match Mark on that front. I think that Jeff and I should have been left in charge of a decision that large being that we clearly have the best taste (as evidenced by our choice of Jack for our first born’s name). Which brings to mind a classic Simpson’s episode:

Bart: “I can’t believe they don’t have a Bart license plate. Look at this Bort license plate, what kind of name is that?”
Lady in gift shop: “There, there, Bort, it’s ok”
Random guy: “Are you talking to me?”
Lady: “No, my son’s name is also Bort”
Overhead announcement: “We need more Bort license plates. I repeat, we are out of Bort license plates”

But I digress. Mark, don’t you worry about me making up the tux costs in beer. By my calculations, I’ll be making out like a champ in that exchange. Can’t wait to see everyone back East. Deron, do you think it might be true that if I tell my stories in a different time zone that they become new and interesting again? That would be sweet!


Mark, now seeing by my response and Shawn's that "It was on!" chimed back:

As Deron will remind you, several million times if he hold true to form from previous visits to the East Coast, you'll only be three hours ahead. I'm not sure if that's enough of a time warp to make your stories more interesting.

Ah Bort. Same great episode where Bart looks through the Beer Goggles. Classic. ("mine eyes!!! the goggles, they do nothing!!")

Wedding thong and/or toga is only for the groom! I haven't made up my mind yet. :) I am seriously considering rocking the Dr Martens with the tux. I hate those shoes they give you!

All this talk of whiteness and only Neil can really do the Carlton dance... ponderous. :)


I replied back
Oh and by the way, Jack will demand Eddie Vedder’s “Hard Sun” be played a lot. Little guy apparently can’t get enough of that song. Joy to me.

Mark not wanting to miss a chance to post a top 10 list added:
Top 10 Songs You don't want your kid to love

10) "nothing Compares to U" Sinead O'Connor (heard this incessantly in Belgium)
9) The Macarena
8) "Girls" Beastie Boys (just thing of it playing over and over)
7) Mutual of Omaha Theme song
6) Bedtime songs by that Grover-wannabe punk Elmo
5) Gwar covers of Julie Andrews classics
4) "Barbie World"
3) "Waterloo"
2) "Eternal Flame" the Bangles (again those d*mn Belgians!!)

and the number one song you don't want your kid to love

1) Anything by Candlebox (oh how I hate them!)


Shawn quipped back:
“I said maybe, I didn’t mean to treat you oh so bad. But I did it anyway”. What’s not to like about that? I like how you snuck Gwar in there as well. They would freak out of any young kid.

I replied back to mark with 2 top 10 lists
The Top 10 Songs that my son shall not hear
10) Toad the Wet Sprocket. He’ll just be disappointed that it’s not a Kermit song.
9) Sister Psychic’s “Catch & Release” album, it never happened. Kind of like how Highlander 2 never happened.
8) Milli Vanilli
7) AC/DC’s counting songs, dudes only know 3 chords how high could they count?
6) Van Halen Hillbilly cover songs
5) “Achy Breaky Lego Heart” Billy Ray Mullet Cyrus kid’s album
4) German polka macarena
3) Tiffany’s version of “Can’t drive 55”
2) songs with bad grammar, like Alanis’ “Ironic.” It’s not ironic Alanis it’s tragic.

And of course
1) Anything by Candelbox, oh how I stand by my brother and hate them.

There would be songs that I encourage Jack to hear though and some that I wish existed
10) Musical.. Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical that is.
9) Any version of “Don’t you forget about me”
8) Elmo sings the Ramones
7) Any artist that covers or cites Bob Dylan as inspiration because obviously they have proper musical respect.
6) Van Halen guitar lullabies
5) Alice In Chains sings the Alphabet
4) Shakira sings children’s songs in Spanish, because that would be easy on the eyes too.
3) Big Bird’s Rastafarian jam band
2) All things Lionel.

And of course
1) sounds of Grungtruck beating members of Candlebox with musical instruments because we hate them...!


Deron joined the email thread dance showing no fear even though he lives in a state that makes him lazy do to too much vitamin D.

With all this talk of wedding songs, I guess we'll find out when the "not enough beer in the world" saying goes to bed forever.

And yes, the 3 hour time difference should be noted by all who have not been to the East Coast before. I still blame that on the problem I had trying to set up Marken's internet; resulting in the following actual conversation with the troubleshooting rep:

"I turned on the computer and I don't have a signal for the internet connection."
"Did all the pieces arrive in the box"
"Yes, everything listed is here"
"Even the internet cable that runs from the computer to the wall?"
"Yep, I still see it in the"

At least I will have had a full week to get adjusted before trekking to Northampton. And Shawn, you will have a new audience with Cyndy in tow for all the classics, which I'm sure Heather as the old timer will truly appreciate...How often do I see you....


I chimed back
I’m thinking that with all these songs we may need Mark to pop for the kareoke machine. Nothing says a wedding like the sound of family and friends doing their version of Rush’s “Limelight” or Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me”

Shawn asked the insightful question that was on everyone's mind though:
Mark & Jeff,
Can we expect that your mom will sing in French as the night wears on and adult beverages are consumed? Hopefully we don’t get too rowdy and have a scrabble game break out.


I closed the thread down by answering:
You can expect my Mom to cry in French during the ceremony because I plan to start splashing her 7-up with bourbon early.

I can say that Mark probably is a little worried about his Groomsmen choices, but we are all looking forward to the big day. Who knows, maybe Brother Mark will actually post some thoughts about it. (grin)



Friday, August 21, 2009

Jack chillin with a glass of milk

Just keeping it real.

World Cup in Seattle?

Okay I would totally freak out if this came true.

The only thing that could be better than World Cup Soccer in Seattle would be for France to move the Tour to the State of Washington.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Cycling Vids to check

Here are two cycling vids to check out.

It's all about Performance
This video cracks me up. MC Spandex

Two German Acrobatic Cyclists.
The Stunts they pull scare me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do not disrespect Moyer

I've already posted my admiration for Baseball Pitcher Jamie Moyer. I was thrilled to see him on the World Series Winning Philadelphia Phillies last year. The guy is a class act.

I'm posting today to fans of the Phillies to let them know that their season is now over and that they should probably write off the next few years. Phillies management has disrespected Moyer and that brings some seriously bad voodoo vibes for the clubhouse.

I speak from experience. The Seattle Mariners did the same thing and the team has not been the same since. Teams take a little nose dive in the old Win/Loss column, get panicked, bring in some talent and disrespect the best veteran they have.

I tell you Philly's fans, it's over and I'm sad for you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Uncle Mark doens't post, Jack cries

It is true. Jack's been very upset recently. He says he misses Uncle Mark's funny posts and updates on life. He wonders how he is, just like the rest of the family. Jack wishes Uncle Mark would at least send presents if he is not going to post funny things. Jack says he posts more than Uncle Mark and that is shame.

  • Jack says "Dadd-na, why doesn't Uncle Mark post to the blog?" (sniff, sniff)
  • Daddy says "I don't know Son."
  • Jack - "It's called Brothers Moran, not Dadd-na Moran, right?"
  • Daddy - "That's right."
  • Jack - "Do we need to rebrand the blog if Uncle Mark doesn't post?"
  • Daddy - "That could be possible."
  • Jack - "Maybe you could call it Cousins Moran and blog with Cousin Katie, she seems to know how to do this more than Uncle. Or maybe Cousin Patrick."
  • Daddy - "Maybe. It would be fun to trade 80's music barbs with Cousin Katie or work in recycling humor with Cousin Patrick."
  • Jack - "Maybe you could start a blog with Gaam called "Gamm, Grammar and Geneology"
  • Daddy - "I would, but the Grammar correcting part would cause me to go into therapy again."
  • Jack - "What's therapy? That you take when you have a coldz?"
  • Daddy - "No that's thera-flu"
  • Jack - "oh... how about I start a blog called "I'm cute and you know it, that's why you"
  • Daddy - "That could catch on."
  • Jack - "Cool. Dadd-na"
  • Daddy - "Yes Jack?"
  • Jack - "Hard Sun? peeeaaassseee.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jack earning his keep

Jack realizes that times are tough and that diapers don't pay for
themselves so he started working around the house.

Documenting the Cuteness

I'm posting today to document some of the gazillion cute things that Jack is doing these days. For those that have met this little guy I'm sure it comes as no surprise. If you haven't met him then enjoy some of these things.

I should start by saying that as I type this blog post, Jack is sitting at the table with his laptop. A "Fun2Learn" toy. He's typing letters and the computer makes the sound and relates it to an object. I can ask him to type "R" and he'll find it (it means rooster). Cute to see him "working" along side Daddy.

I already posted how Jack loves music. His favorite CDs so far are two children songs that are in Spanish. He will sway back and forth and get a silly grin on his face if you are watching him. He asks for music by saying "mukkakahahahakkahha" and doing his own sign for music which is waving his hand in the air near his arm. This is close to the real sign for music. He also asks for the iPod to be put in the speaker dock to play music. More times than not he wants "Hard Sun" by Eddie Vedder, then we shuffle from their. He doesn't seem to like Sister Psychic much, but enjoys AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and Van Halen's "Running with the Devil" along with other songs by Eric Clapton and the Doors. Daddy sings "People Are Strange" to him often.

Singing. Jack has recently started signing songs more and more. Always animated before, he now is singing real words. His favorite right now is "Puff the Magic Dragon" (thank you Uncle Tom for the book and stuffed animal). He takes Puff to bed with him. One can't read Puff the Magic Dragon, one is compelled to sing it. Surprisingly I can do this without hurting his or his Momma's ears. So Jack will sing along with me. "Puff the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea" and he will come in on Dragon and Sea with a big grin. "Wheels on the Bus" is also another favorite.

On names, I am recently being called "Dadd-na" these days. I'm not sure where the "na" came from, but it is unique and cute to him. Lavi is "Momma." My parents are "Gram" and "Grandpa" which he pronounces "Gaam" and "Gandpa" missing the "r." Lavi's parents are "Coco" and "La-La." La-La is short for Abuela (Spanish for grandmother). Coco though is a longer story. When we were in Panama Jack called the dog coco and one time he called Lavi's Dad Coco. Well everyone thought it was funny that Jack already knew that Lavi's Dad was a dog and it stuck. So he's now "Coco." Jack is saying other names too, like Ben and Mark and the names of friends like "Cal-vin" and "Marin" and "Rylnn."

He still sucks his thumb from time to time. When he does he holds the back of his head with his right hand. You've probably seen a picture in our Zenfolio posts. It's really cute. He'll be playing and then take a 2 minute thumb suck time out and go right back to it.

At Daycare Jack busy all day and he appears to have a very good time. Most recently we came to pick him up. His Teacher informed us that he had a very busy day rearranging the room with his buddy Ryland. Lavinia didn't miss a beat when she said "I didn't know there was a gene for that" as I started laughing hysterically, because we all know where he inherited that.

This only scratches the surface of how cute and adorable he is. He appears to have finished his work on his laptop. He was chatting with Cal2Moms I suspect again.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Hard Sun

Jack really enjoys music. Lately he is loving Eddie Vedder's "Big Hard
Sun" a lot. He wants us to play it over and over. It's kinda neat that
he likes his Daddy's music.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My dinner time view

Lavi and I are with Jason & Char celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Love
the view, don't you?

Jack, Gram and Grandpa

How we coped with the heat

Seattle was hit with the hottest few days on record this week. We reached 103 degree on Wednesday which broke a 70 year record. I've already posted about what weather wimps we in Seattle are, even the transplants to the area don't get along well outside of the safe 65-75 degree weather comfortable range of Seattle. Lavinia, Jack and I took some measures to stay cool.

During the day both Jack's daycare and work are AC'ed, very nice. Although one day I was in training all day and was freezing, until I stepped outside causing me to run back in to seek the cool comfort of our technologically enforced climate.

It was getting home when the weather really got hot. Our house, unlike my Midwest family's homes, is not AC. We have a temp gauge in Jack's room. For 3 days in a row it registered 90 degrees and honestly I think it stops there not expecting a room to be more than that. So we'd put on the fans to start sucking what cool air may be outside in and the hot air out. If our house had wings we'd have taken flight with so much air running through. Opening the garage door caused the best draft.

I think I took about 4 showers a day to stay cool. I've never been so clean. Jack gets a bath every night and it helped him go to bed nice and cool. He slept through the heat pretty well. Only last weekend did a hot afternoon nap wake him up. He definitely takes after his Mami in that way.

One of the biggest fallouts of the heat is not being sweaty and uncomfortable but coming to the start realization of how much the rain helps keep our area beautiful and clean. The air quality right now is terrible. We can't see the mountains ("the mountains are not out" is a phrase we use. Only in Seattle can we hide a mountain with rain or smog) right now because of the air quality. It is doing a number on people's allergies as well.

All in all, we are glad to see some cool 80 degree weather. I'm happy to see how well Jack does in the heat. He didn't take after his Irish bred father and that is a good thing in that way.

Here's to some cooler weather.