Thursday, July 23, 2009

Team Radio Shack

If you were betting on who would sponsor Lance Armstrong's cycling team next year, I'll counter wager that no one suspected Radio Shack as the title sponsor. ESPN scooped my favorite site on this one, and like a proud cycling geek I actually noticed that (sad really).

Team RadioShack - Be interesting to see what the jerseys look like.

A bit of back story is that Vino (caught using blood doping and EPO at the Tour in 2007) is coming back to Team Astana so any team member that does not own a postal address in Kazakstan is most likely leaving. Team Manager Johan Bruynel and Armstrong are for sure with Team RadioShack. I hope to hear signings of Levi and Horner along with some other great work horses.

Now I admit that I go to Radio Shack when I need that hard to find battery or transistor, or when I want bad customer service for something that should be easy to find. I think of them as a sponsor much like I do when I hear about the 80's 7-11 team. Seems like a silly sponsor. But all that changes now that they are backing Lance. I'll do all my shopping there as the Lance-Legions are opt to do.

I think there could have been other sponsors in the wings wanting to throw their support behind the out of retirement, showing that age doesn't matter, cycling master. There were rumors of Trek or Nike-Livestrong alliances, but I think Lance is right to keep Livestrong as a foundation where money goes to cancer research.

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