Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Horner at the Tour...Boooo!

I know all eyes are on Lance at this year's Tour de France, even when we know Alberto Contador is going to win. But the team of Lance & Alberto, Team Astana, have done something just irks me. They left Chris Horner off the tour team. They left Popo on and added Kloden when I would have taken Horner over both of them. Popo never seems to deliver for me and Kloden, well whatever.

In fairness to Astana, Horner did crash in the Giro pretty bad and is not at 100%. Maybe he just wasn't ready.

But he simply one of my favorite bike racers. I mean look at the guy. He always has a smile on his face, even when he is suffering.

When he was on the Silence-Lotto team his daily video interviews with were hilarious and insightful. Much better than David Z. who treated it like a burden and just stoically makes jokes all the time when he's uncomfortable.

Horner was going great in the Giro until he crashed. I'm sure he'll be missed on the squad. I hope Vs. makes him a guest announcer.

Most cyclists want to be Lance or Contador or Pantani or Cavendish. Not me, I want to be Chris Horner because he looks like he is just having a ton of fun suffering, and that sounds like the rider I want to be.

Chris, rest up and recover for the Vuelta my friend.

Your on my left,

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