Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Facebook... no thanks

Today I reactivated my Facebook account. I wanted to keep up with Jason as he competes in his second Ironman Triathlon. I have had it activated for over 10 hours and I'm deactivating it. I just don't like it.

I've tried to come up with sound reasoning, because like so many things in our society if you don't like it and some one else does then you are immediately in the wrong. Unless of course you like George W. Bush's presidency then you are immediately in the wrong by those that don't like him, but I digress. I have a bunch of friends that have been needling me to join back up. Maybe I caved a little and tried again. I even installed the iPhone app for it.

Now I must say in all honesty to Facebook that the site works very well and does what it intends to do, social networking. The iPhone app is even pretty good. Still all that and I still don't see any value in it for myself.

Shy of any real reasoning I will offer why I'm not going to continue with it. Most of these reasons apply only to me I acknowledge that.
1. Micro-blogging is just not for me. I don't find value in it for me personally. Those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook probably don't find much value in my posts either.
2. I found that this is just yet another distraction at work that I don't need. I work hard to only work a solid 8 hours. I don't need this distraction. Before you point out that I don't have to check Facebook during the day find an invidual that works at a computer all day and doesn't check and I'll reconsider this point. I am also saying that I'm not that strong.
3. Another site for me to manage is not making my life easier and it isn't replacing anything that I'm already doing.
4. Since having Jack I've really invested more time in the quality relationships in my life, not the quantity. I feel I'm too busy to keep up the micro-conversations. Facebook only seems to deliver the later.
5. I hesitate in writing this one, because I don't want anyone to take it the wrong way. However, we all say this out loud so here goes. At some point some one I don't want to stay in touch with is going to ask me to accept them or interact with them. If I relent and accept then I see posts from them over and over every time I log in, not a plus. If I reject them then I feel bad. I don't want to be put in that position (yes, that is avoidance issue, but I own that so there).
6. The feeling that I need to do something with it all the time was not something that clicked for me. I've ignored the blog for weeks and felt ago, but this makes me seem like I'm not utilizing facebook.

I was not a power user and I see why others dig it. I tried, for a short time, for the second time and just don't like it.

Now in writing this post talking about how I, an older man, don't like something the young kids dig I have to share that I grayed about a 1000 hairs and only 75% were on my head. I know I'm coming off sounding like the old dude asking you to turn down your rock'n'roll, but this isn't for me.

To all my friends using it, enjoy it. I won't be there with you though.

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Anonymous said...

Here-here!! I couldn't agree more. I've had several people try to get me to join, but I keep resisting. The whole thing seems unnatural to me. So much of my life is so structured with work and 2 kids, etc. I don't feel like I need the unstructured part posted for all the world to see online. Plus, once you put something out there, it's there for all time and space - and no longer in your control, despite what passwords or permissions you may have. Not to take anything away from Facebookers, but I'm with you on the ... thanks, but no thanks for that Facebook to nowhere :-)