Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cycling with Hugh Hefner frequency

I have been riding my bike to work, and taking Jack to Day Care using the kid trailer, a lot the last few weeks. I'm really enjoying it. After being off my bike(s) for some time it really is great to be out pedaling again. The legs are responding well, my saddle area has not revolted on me and the new bike is working out great too. (Thanks Free Range Cycles!)

I admit that I can't ride my commuter bike, pulling Jack wearing a race kit (think Pro Tour rider look). So I have to come up with some street clothes to ride in. That will be a challenge as every thing I own makes me look like I fell off the back of the Tour de France peloton.

I have a running phrase that I use. I borrowed it from Red Dwarf. Whenever some one tells me that I'm doing some thing a lot I respond "I know, I feel like Hugh Hefner." I think the frequency aspect of Heff's life is lost on some, but for those that get it I get a laugh in return.

The weather has been down right great for cycling in Seattle. We are on day 29 of no rain, which I think sets a record for this time of year. Usually June is gray and wet. The sun shows itself after July 4th usually. Too many years I've watched fireworks in the clouds. It's a Seattle thing I guess.

Anyway, happy to be cycling a lot.

On your left,

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