Friday, June 19, 2009

Comic Book Covers

Marvel Comics is turning 70 this year. A contest to pick the top 70 Comic Covers from Marvel comics was just completed. Check out the list for yourself.

Here's the top comic book cover. Incredible Hulk # 340

I'll admit that this is a top cover for sure. Not sure if I'd pick it for #1 but it's good. Not surprising that Wolverine is in the mix.

Some of the selections mark great stories in the franchise history, maybe not the best art. Numbers 66, 59, 31, 25, 17 as examples.

Other selections mark firsts of something. Numbers such as 46 (Spidey with black suit for first time), 40 (First black suit appearance in Amazing Spider-man), 48 (New Mutants #1, one of the first real expansions of the X-Men franchise), 35 (Infinity Guantlet), 21 (FF4 #1), 18 (Secret Wars #1), 11 (X-Men #1 1991 with Magneto as a bad-ass), 7 (Wolverine #1, which if Hugh Jackman channelled any of the comics this cover should have been all he needed), and of course the most amazing first ever 2, Spider-man's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15.

There is another group of just simply great art work though that I think really makes the list special. The stories themselves you may not remember but the art just makes you want to read the issue even more.

65 - Thor: Man of War #1
67 - Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #19
53 - Ghost Rider #13
54 - Marvels #4 - which just sums up Spidey's issues with the Green Goblin so well.
47 - X-Men #190
38 - Captain America 34
44 - Daredevil #1
All of these are amazing covers.

I'll admit that seeing 4 Secret Wars covers in the list surprised me. I agree that each one. Numbers 8 (46) and 4 (55) of Secret Wars were ones I remember, but adding number 10 (61) was cool. Adding #1 (18) is nice only because how often can you draw a cover with all of Marvel's mightiest heroes on the cover? Number 8 is a no-brainer cover as it introduces Spidey's black suit for the first time. Such a change was almost unheard of back then.

Of the 70 Mark & I own/owned 13 of these titles. Not too shabby. I am surprised more Spidey titles didn't make the list. There have been some really good covers there. I think other titles though had more guest coverage which suited the big cover. Hanging up in Jack's room is number 50, Amazing Spider-man #300.

In the words of Stan Lee 'nuf said'



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