Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike To Work Day

Today I rode what must be my 20th Bike To Work Day here in Seattle. The weather was great. Little nippy as I rode in. I love riding my bike to work and I have missed it a lot in the past 20 months (which surprisingly equals how old Jack is, hmmmmm). I love taking Jack to daycare don't get me wrong, but I miss my bike(s).

So how excited do you think I was today! In the past I would have wore a road kit (Race jersey) and looked very spiffy (or like a Skittle according to my brother-in-law). I would have been fast as I past other new cyclists to the commute.

Today I pulled Jack to daycare before going to work and that changed the whole experience. It was a lot of fun knowing that I was pedal powering my son to daycare and then myself to work. It felt great. Jack was a trooper. He likes his helmet but not when he is sitting down. It bugs him. Thankfully Cheerios were invented. Soon as I gave him those he was quiet the whole way to daycare

Here's a snappy picture of the twosome!

I should say that the last hill to Jack's daycare is easily 10% grade for about one block. So I'm glad my new Salsa Casserroll is geared low enough to get up the hills.

My employer (Adobe) is great. They spoil with a ton of incentives to ride in to work. We have a locked bike parking cage, with a full functioning work shop, showers and lockers, REI coupons each month if you ride enough days, and more. As I rolled in a few co-workers were there to cheer me on. They had a bunch of prizes and donuts. Fun!

Here's a pic of the bike and Burley in the bike cage.

The day can't go fast enough. I want to go pick him up and ride home now!

On your left
Jeff & Jack

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