Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bike To Work Day

Today I rode what must be my 20th Bike To Work Day here in Seattle. The weather was great. Little nippy as I rode in. I love riding my bike to work and I have missed it a lot in the past 20 months (which surprisingly equals how old Jack is, hmmmmm). I love taking Jack to daycare don't get me wrong, but I miss my bike(s).

So how excited do you think I was today! In the past I would have wore a road kit (Race jersey) and looked very spiffy (or like a Skittle according to my brother-in-law). I would have been fast as I past other new cyclists to the commute.

Today I pulled Jack to daycare before going to work and that changed the whole experience. It was a lot of fun knowing that I was pedal powering my son to daycare and then myself to work. It felt great. Jack was a trooper. He likes his helmet but not when he is sitting down. It bugs him. Thankfully Cheerios were invented. Soon as I gave him those he was quiet the whole way to daycare

Here's a snappy picture of the twosome!

I should say that the last hill to Jack's daycare is easily 10% grade for about one block. So I'm glad my new Salsa Casserroll is geared low enough to get up the hills.

My employer (Adobe) is great. They spoil with a ton of incentives to ride in to work. We have a locked bike parking cage, with a full functioning work shop, showers and lockers, REI coupons each month if you ride enough days, and more. As I rolled in a few co-workers were there to cheer me on. They had a bunch of prizes and donuts. Fun!

Here's a pic of the bike and Burley in the bike cage.

The day can't go fast enough. I want to go pick him up and ride home now!

On your left
Jeff & Jack

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jack & a warm tortilla is happiness

Here's a picture of Jack at the Tortilla counter at Luisa's resteraunt. Luisa's (Rositas to some and El Toreador to my family) is just down the street. Here Josephina is getting Jack his tortilla with butter. He loves them. 

There is a sign above her that says "Happiness is a warm tortilla" and I couldn't agree more. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One last EAGLE, Dr. Dorian leaves Sacred Heart.

I’ve reported before how much I enjoy Scrubs, now on ABC.

This past weekend I watched the final two episodes of this season’s Scrubs.  J.D and he has decided to leave the hospital. The show’s status now hangs in the balance. No decision by ABC has been made. I hope they continue. I’ll watch. I’ll miss Zach but I’ll watch. There is hope. I hear thought that several actors are attached to other pilots at this time.

This show is just a lot of fun. It is quirky, has good music, heavy pop culture references and is just silly. A good laugh. The thing I like best about it is that when I’m watching I feel like I’m watching myself, Tim, Jason and Rod interact. Some of these conversations are strikingly familiar. I think that is why I like it so much. It just reminds me of my best friends. In a time when I find myself very busy being a Dad, a show that reminds me of others in my life that mean so much to me is special. I hope the show continues. Either that or they start a Dr. Cox Podcast.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bike To Work Day is 5/15

You all should plan on riding your bikes to work this Friday. For me it is a National Holiday. Here's a funny cartoon I saw making the rounds.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Piano Man

Play us a song (Jack) you're thePiano Man. . .

Together Brothers

Mark and Siobhan are visiting us in Seattle. Mark was in town for a friend's wedding. (Congratulations Colleen!) We had a great day together Friday. Jack's daycare was closed for a scheduled in-service day. So Uncle Mark, grandparents and Jack headed to the zoo to see the new Penguin exhibit and all the other animals. Jack had a good time. I will say the new Penguin exhibit was okay, but nothing awesome for all the build up.

Later we had a little dinner at our house. Then Grandma & Grandpa watched Jack while the four of us went out for a quick drink. It was really nice to catch up with Mark. I talk to him at least once a week, but it is so nice to see him.

It's funny, even as he sits across from me and talks about things he is still my little brother. I mean a little brother that has a really cool job and lives on the other side of the country. But we still tease each other in the same way we did 20 years ago.

Jack had a great time with Aunt Siobhan and Uncle Mark. Playing peek-a-boo with Siobhan and making Mark read every Curious George book he could find. I'll post some pictures very soon.