Friday, March 20, 2009

Stability Ball Class, Jack style

Every week at work we have a group of us that run through some core strength exercises using our stability balls. The class is a lot of fun and there is a consistent group that gathers. Just the other day Jack and I were talking about it (me a lot of talking and him playing and ignoring me but it counts) and he was like "Dad, can I work out on my purple stability ball?" and I was like " you bet Jack."

So up he jumped, grabbed his ball and he started belting out some ab-busting exercises. A chip of the old block I tell you.

Getting ready to do some back extensions on the ball. For extra weight he crunched while holding his favorite spoon.

Ready Daddy? Here I go. 1.... 2..... 3....

"C'mon Daddy, one more set. Let's Go!"

At the end he was just really tired and collapsed for a little rest.

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