Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Music Dadd-eez

Jack is really into music these days. He loves a CD that his cousins in Panama gave him. He'll ask for it every day and he likes dancing to certain songs. It is very cute. Lavinia and I can sing the songs in our sleep but they are not too bad, so that's a plus.

He'll walk up to the CD Player and point to it. Then he'll make the sign for "more" and wave his hand, which I take it is the sign he uses for music. If you ask "Jack do you want music?" he will nod his head Yes.

Once I tried another CD and he would have none of it. He made the sign for "more" and shook his head No. So for now it is Hispanic Children's songs. In the future I hope he'll reach for Led Zepplin or Pearl Jam and demand to Mosh.

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