Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mom, in her own shoes and words...

You may or may not know that my graceful mother managed to break not just one foot, but both feet within 24 hours of each other. She tripped in the front yard and rolled her ankle and the next day took a tumbe down the stairs. Both incidents happenned within feet (pun intended) of each other no less than 24 hours apart.

Mark submitted this feat to Guiness, but I think he may have emailed the brewery instead of the world record holders. Either way we are anxious to get a reply or a free pint. But I digress...

Now in all seriousness, this just downright was bad luck. But Mom has been a trooper, walking around with two walking boots on and a cane. She went to the Dr. today to get an update and see when she could return to her own footwear. Not that she didn't look stylish in walking boots that made her look like she was trying out for the Librarian version of Robocop.

In her usual limerricking way Mother found the perfect way to tell us that Dr. said she could wear her own shoes:

Shoes, glorious shoes!
The doctor said I could wear mine.

The x-rays looked very good
So he said my shoes would be just fine.

Now it does feel kind of funny
To walk without those boots,

But it's sure a big improvement
As they didn't go well with my suits.

The family didn't wait long to start the witty replies:
Jeannie was the first family member to respond "does that mean you can drive now?" Which if so I'm sure my Father is glad to hear. The up and out early in the morning guy meets morning-should-start-around-11am lady.

Dolan retorted with "But Mary, you looked so much taller in the boots."

Not wanting to let a prime chance to take a shot at my short mother I quickly quipped "I guess I have to go back to getting things off the middle shelf for her."

Followed as usual by the non-posting brother Moran who said "and Dad and I will get the top shelf for both of ya."

I tell you our family is a little silly...

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