Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jack Daycare reports

Everyday when we pick up Jack from Daycare we get to hear the events of the day and how he did. The reports are always very good, because he is such a good boy. The Teachers help us understand what new challenges Jack is tackling and, mostly, the funny things he does each day. We get a little write up too.

I admit that I just love the writes up Jack gets and I wanted to share one with you. The report sheet also tells how much he ate and what, and his bowel movement times. I'll spare you those details.

Kathy wrote this for Jack's Friday the 27th report sheet.

"Jack played with cars today. He also played with pegs - stacking them one on top of the other - he was not interested in using the peg board.

Outside we played ball and ring-around-the-rosie. He was feeling brave and went down the slide sitting up feet first. I could see in his face he was unsure about it but he really wanted to do it and was very proud of himself afterward."

Now does that just sound neat. We are so proud of our little boy too.


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