Monday, March 30, 2009

A(nother) Cycling Comeback...

Recently a 37 year old cyclist shocked the sporting world when he announced his comeback after 3 years out of competition. Many doubted he could come back and have an impact. Others were skeptical that the impact he had in the past was a worthy effort. Even more were critical of him, saying that he was just trying do things for personal gain.

But return he did. Even with critics and skeptics standing by. He credited the support of his family. Stating that it was entirely a family decision. He said that the love of the sport drew him back. That he's here to support others and simply raise the awareness of cycling in the United States.

In his first race in many years he didn't win. He said that just competing at this level was a win enough for him now. But those that know him probably saw the glint in his eye. This is not an individual to just do some thing half-assed. Those that know him know he will have bigger goals that he'll aim for later in the year.

It is exciting to see him back in competition. He admits that this year will be a surprise each time he gets on the bike and that he is just enjoying himself.

Yes Ladies and Gentleman, Jeff is back racing his bike. Cyclojeff rides again.

Oh you may have heard that Lance Armstrong made a comeback too. Good for him.

Here's a picture of me at the recent Carnation Time Trial. A 12.5 mile time trial that managed to eek out in 34:26. Not a bad showing for not having ridden much. I'll put up a post on that soon. It was quite the event.

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