Monday, March 30, 2009

A(nother) Cycling Comeback...

Recently a 37 year old cyclist shocked the sporting world when he announced his comeback after 3 years out of competition. Many doubted he could come back and have an impact. Others were skeptical that the impact he had in the past was a worthy effort. Even more were critical of him, saying that he was just trying do things for personal gain.

But return he did. Even with critics and skeptics standing by. He credited the support of his family. Stating that it was entirely a family decision. He said that the love of the sport drew him back. That he's here to support others and simply raise the awareness of cycling in the United States.

In his first race in many years he didn't win. He said that just competing at this level was a win enough for him now. But those that know him probably saw the glint in his eye. This is not an individual to just do some thing half-assed. Those that know him know he will have bigger goals that he'll aim for later in the year.

It is exciting to see him back in competition. He admits that this year will be a surprise each time he gets on the bike and that he is just enjoying himself.

Yes Ladies and Gentleman, Jeff is back racing his bike. Cyclojeff rides again.

Oh you may have heard that Lance Armstrong made a comeback too. Good for him.

Here's a picture of me at the recent Carnation Time Trial. A 12.5 mile time trial that managed to eek out in 34:26. Not a bad showing for not having ridden much. I'll put up a post on that soon. It was quite the event.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've been called many things

I have been called many things in my life...

J-Mo - ala J-Lo
Mo-RAN - emphasis on the ran part
Sharkman - taking down okey-dokey man
el Jefe - the boss
fartknocker - thank you Mark
buttmunch - thank you again Mark
Dork - again Mark
My Young Christian Warrior - thank you Jason
a winner
a loser
lover - yes Lavi has called me that without my asking her too

Yes, I've been called many things in my life and the list above is not exhaustive. But of all the things that I've been called one stands out. With the exception of being called "Husband" I've recently been called some thing that just makes my heart sing.

Jack calls me Dad-ee

How cool is that?

Mom, in her own shoes and words...

You may or may not know that my graceful mother managed to break not just one foot, but both feet within 24 hours of each other. She tripped in the front yard and rolled her ankle and the next day took a tumbe down the stairs. Both incidents happenned within feet (pun intended) of each other no less than 24 hours apart.

Mark submitted this feat to Guiness, but I think he may have emailed the brewery instead of the world record holders. Either way we are anxious to get a reply or a free pint. But I digress...

Now in all seriousness, this just downright was bad luck. But Mom has been a trooper, walking around with two walking boots on and a cane. She went to the Dr. today to get an update and see when she could return to her own footwear. Not that she didn't look stylish in walking boots that made her look like she was trying out for the Librarian version of Robocop.

In her usual limerricking way Mother found the perfect way to tell us that Dr. said she could wear her own shoes:

Shoes, glorious shoes!
The doctor said I could wear mine.

The x-rays looked very good
So he said my shoes would be just fine.

Now it does feel kind of funny
To walk without those boots,

But it's sure a big improvement
As they didn't go well with my suits.

The family didn't wait long to start the witty replies:
Jeannie was the first family member to respond "does that mean you can drive now?" Which if so I'm sure my Father is glad to hear. The up and out early in the morning guy meets morning-should-start-around-11am lady.

Dolan retorted with "But Mary, you looked so much taller in the boots."

Not wanting to let a prime chance to take a shot at my short mother I quickly quipped "I guess I have to go back to getting things off the middle shelf for her."

Followed as usual by the non-posting brother Moran who said "and Dad and I will get the top shelf for both of ya."

I tell you our family is a little silly...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Music Dadd-eez

Jack is really into music these days. He loves a CD that his cousins in Panama gave him. He'll ask for it every day and he likes dancing to certain songs. It is very cute. Lavinia and I can sing the songs in our sleep but they are not too bad, so that's a plus.

He'll walk up to the CD Player and point to it. Then he'll make the sign for "more" and wave his hand, which I take it is the sign he uses for music. If you ask "Jack do you want music?" he will nod his head Yes.

Once I tried another CD and he would have none of it. He made the sign for "more" and shook his head No. So for now it is Hispanic Children's songs. In the future I hope he'll reach for Led Zepplin or Pearl Jam and demand to Mosh.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stability Ball Class, Jack style

Every week at work we have a group of us that run through some core strength exercises using our stability balls. The class is a lot of fun and there is a consistent group that gathers. Just the other day Jack and I were talking about it (me a lot of talking and him playing and ignoring me but it counts) and he was like "Dad, can I work out on my purple stability ball?" and I was like " you bet Jack."

So up he jumped, grabbed his ball and he started belting out some ab-busting exercises. A chip of the old block I tell you.

Getting ready to do some back extensions on the ball. For extra weight he crunched while holding his favorite spoon.

Ready Daddy? Here I go. 1.... 2..... 3....

"C'mon Daddy, one more set. Let's Go!"

At the end he was just really tired and collapsed for a little rest.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Limerickster

You may know that my Mother has a little secret. On St. Patty’s Day she allows the use of her most secret power. No Jason, this is not the 7 letter 50 point Scrabble smack down that makes you feel like you have the vocabulary of a 2 year old. No Mark this is not the power to see through your fibs and make you clean your room under your most profuse protest. No Jeff it is not the power to make you actually feel ashamed for being an immodest brat. No Megan this is not the power to define words on command.

While all those secret powers are cool, they cannot fight crime. No I’m talking about a very special power that my Mother has. One so powerful that she only lets it out once a year. Yes, I’m talking about Mary aka the LIMERICKSTER!

She hurls out five-line poems with the first, second and fifth having nine syllables and rhyming with one another, and the third and fourth having five or six and rhyming separately with ease. Heck I think she might be the only person I know who can tell you what anapaestic meter is, but will then argue that she is using amphibrachic as the original author intended. What a purist.

Here’s a great example of her off the hook mad Limericking skills. I expect her to be out late tonight schooling street kids on her mad prose, Word Mom!

Jack is a grandchild who's blessed
With Irish genes - they are the best
Or so people say
At least on this day
I don't know about all of the rest.

At her office every year they have a Limerick contest. One that I think she has one every year. Inviting her to participate is like inviting Larry Bird to play H-O-R-S-E with you. It is just no contest. Because of that they are not holding a Limerick contest this year. I believe this to be travesty and unfair. If I was not so ashamed of being so proud of my Limericking Mother I’d be out protesting.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ready to Mosh!

Jack seems to be following in Daddy's grunge music ways. With his Doc Martens on he's ready to Mosh! Hey Uncle Rod, think he'd make a cover for the next Sweetwater album?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jack Daycare reports

Everyday when we pick up Jack from Daycare we get to hear the events of the day and how he did. The reports are always very good, because he is such a good boy. The Teachers help us understand what new challenges Jack is tackling and, mostly, the funny things he does each day. We get a little write up too.

I admit that I just love the writes up Jack gets and I wanted to share one with you. The report sheet also tells how much he ate and what, and his bowel movement times. I'll spare you those details.

Kathy wrote this for Jack's Friday the 27th report sheet.

"Jack played with cars today. He also played with pegs - stacking them one on top of the other - he was not interested in using the peg board.

Outside we played ball and ring-around-the-rosie. He was feeling brave and went down the slide sitting up feet first. I could see in his face he was unsure about it but he really wanted to do it and was very proud of himself afterward."

Now does that just sound neat. We are so proud of our little boy too.