Monday, February 23, 2009

Jack rolls on his plastic Hog

Jack just loves cruising our street on his big wheel. We rolled him down the street for some lunch. He parked it inside and jumped on to head home. It was neat fun and it was even better for his Daddy's back not to have to carry him (grin).

Thanks to his Godparents Jason & Char for the sweet ride and my school buddy Jame for snapping the cool picture.

On your left (says Jack)


Dave S @ Adobe said...

Ha! Max has that same model and has been known to ride it around at age 6. (But don't tell his kindergarten classmates. He's got a rep to protect.)

Jeff Moran said...

Put him in a heavy leather coat and the kids won't tease him when he rolls up on his plastic Hog. A fake smoke will help too and some body art :)