Sunday, January 11, 2009

The other brother speaks - with big news!!!

Ah yes like the Jedi, the Mack and 80's, I return. I'd apologize for my absence, but I know my public loves me for my lack of posting. I'm hoping to be the Silent Bob of this blog and only speak when it's profound or humorous (failed already).

As Jeff has eluded, being "too busy" is an oft overused excuse, but true nonetheless. Additionally, my work has been blocking access to this page so when the jones has come upon me to post I have been unable. This is also the reason I haven't responded to the Ebay winner of my "well loved" GI Joe Snake-eyes action figure that I auctioned off. Let's hear it for the corporations forcing us to be more productive (while not providing any source of free caffeine, go figure).

The big news out here is that Siobhan and I are getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, she said yes. We couldn't be happier. This has been a while in the making and now the time was right. To spare you the gooey details about the proposal, let's just say that I'm a wicked romantic fool and keeping it simple is the way to go. Wedding plans are underway already. We hope to have the wedding sometime in 2009. The odds on favorite is for October right now, but all things are fluid at this point. I'm so very excited. Stay tuned for further announcements including the Team Shark wedding blog (for those not in the know, Team Shark = Siobhan + Mark, t-shirts available for $13.95).

Everything else seems to pale to that news…. Hhhmmm what else is going on. I did indeed finally finish my degree. It wasn't as horrible as I thought, although I heard Satan slipped on some ice that day. It's nice to have that done and over with. The stress it was causing my father was almost too much. Things in the East are cold, d*mn cold! There are mounds of snow everywhere and it seems like a semi daily occurrence to shovel. We're making it through. There have been a couple of times where going to work had to be delayed, but I'm cool with that. We were hunkered down in the house due to the big storm before Xmas. Snow in the East Coast is not bad as long as you plan for it.

On the job front everything is going fairly well. I'm doing a 90/10 split between working on Fuel Cell buses and Fuel Cell cars. The company has higher expectations that FC buses will be our first market entry point (if necessary Jeff can decode this MBA speak). FC buses are almost twice as efficient as diesel and they always fuel and return to the same place, thereby eliminating the concern about where to fill up on hydrogen. It's cool stuff, but we're so swamped with deadlines. It was nice this morning when one of our chief technology guys was remarking how no one else "on the planet" has fuel cells that perform as well as the ones we're building. He also remarked that if we can continue to show the feasibility and benefits of this technology that the auto industry will have no choice but to pursue it.

Siobhan and I had a very nice trip back to Seattle right after Xmas. New Years eve downtown was very cool. We missed Jeff, Lavi and Jack though. Hopefully we'll see them soon. Other highlights included seeing my friends, especially Deron and Cyndy who I haven't seen in over a year!

All right that's enough for now.

Big love out to everyone.


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Jeannie said...

You don't say much, but when you do even EF Hutton listens!

Great News! We are very excited. Just let us know when and we will book the flight.

Love to you both.
Jeannie and Palmer