Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to wish Everyone a Happy Holiday! Lavi, Jack and I are off to Panama for 2.5 weeks. Hopefully Uncle Mark will post in my absence, but that is about as remote as sunshine in Seattle these days.


Seattle's Winter Weather

As you can see it has been snowing and snowing in Seattle. Today I went out and had a drink with an old friend!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brothers 4 Life

Calvin's Mommy, Bridie, made this cool poster art as a present to Jack. I'm still giggling over it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jack Vid

We took two quick vids of Jack when he was eating tonight. One has him saying "Momma" quite well. He can also sigh for "more" and "please" and I think each captures that. 

Jack goes to the Nutcracker

As you can see, Jack was really enjoying the Nutcracker ballet today
with Mom & Dad.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dude, no posts? WTF?


I apologize for the lack of posts with some real substance in them. It is simple in this day and age to say that "I'm busy" but that never truly informs some one of what is occurring, which when you think about it is reallythe driver behind our little blog here. Let me try to catch you all up in brief. While doing so I will make repeated jabs at my brother in an attempt to guilt him into posting as well. 

Where to start? Have I posted since Jack's birthday in September? (9/25) I think so. Let me just say that he was a champ at his party and the visit from his Aunt Janet and Uncle Bob from Michigan was just what Mom & Dad needed too. Lavi's Mom was in town for a month and the extra help was nice. 

What really started around that time was that Jack started walking at the beginning of September. By now he is cruising really well. No longer does he look like a drunk man stumbling out of the bar at 2am. He is motoring really fast too. His favorite thing to do is to wait for Mom to open her bedroom door so he can race down the hall to meet her and hopefully go play in the bathroom. Because toilets are fun right! 

We also switched Jack to a new daycare. I think I'll save a post for that because it has been so wonderful. His previous daycare was adequate and Jack was very well cared for. He's at NW Center for Child Development and we really like. Jack seems to be enjoying it a lot too. Again, a post on that later. 

October seemed to race by. I traveled to San Jose twice in September and twice in October for work. The time with the team was good and necessary, but hard to be away. Still, I'm lucky to have the options I do. Jack continued along really well. Walking and talking. He started to say a few words. Some very clear, others open to interpertation, much like many of Mark's jokes and one-liners. Jack can say "clock" and point at it. He says "Daa" softly for Dog. He likes to point at pictures of Tito and Jac. He's picking up sign language a little too. He can sign for when he wants more. I have a picture in the zenfolio collection here that you can see him doing this. You can say "Jack do you want more or are you done?" and he can tell you. It is not only cute, but very helpful. He also says "Gaaa?" when he points at something like a light and wants  you to acknowledge it. 

November has raced by faster than October, as if it was a race. Seattle weather turned very wet (surprise) but not too cold. The mountains are void of snow, which is strange and bummer for the ski nuts around here. Thanksgiving weekend was a lot of fun. Jack, Mom, myself and Uncle Ben went to Jack's Gram & Grandpa's house. It was a good time off. 

Work wise I've been busy. Not much I can talk about. My team does have a blog if you care to read that. We are busy working on new stuff. I'm still learning a lot in my new role which is fun. Lavi has been very busy launching Creative Suite 4 in her role at Adobe. So the Moran household has just been steady steady. 

A typical week right now is getting up around 6am. Jack wakes between 6:45-7:15 usually. Get Jack a bottle of milk, get all of us ready to head out. Drop Jack at daycare around 8am in time for breakfast (which he loves. You drop him off and he doesn't want you to leave. Not too fussy but a little. Bring out the food for breakfast and he all but shows you the door as if to say "I'll be fine Dada stop fussing... bye bye"). Then Lavi and I are off to work, put in a full day. Pick Jack up at 5pm (daycare is 2 minutes from Adobe, so nice). Home, get Jack some dinner hopefully at the same time as us. Play after dinner, change clothes, bath time, bedtime routine starts aroudn 7pm. He's done (hopefully) by 8pm. Mom & Dad have been in bed by 9pm. No later. Seriously. Rocking him to sleep does me in. I'm done for the day. So that is one reason for no post. 

Top Reasons Jeff has not posted much lately: 
- Competing with Brother Mark for the number of n0n-posts. He wins, surprise! Not. 
- After rocking Jack to sleep at 8pm, Dad climbs into bed at 8:30pm and wonders when he became such a sissy. 
- Because I'm just lucky enough that if I stay up late that Jack will wake up and add 2+ hours to that. 
- I'm still making up for months of non-sleep. 
- My creative brain is drained and empty

More to come I promise. I hope you are all doing well. Maybe some day Mark will post. You know he's bought a house, received a graduate degree, working on cool automotive technology for the future. You'd think he'd have something to say. 

The thing to leave you all with is that Lavinia and I are anxiously waiting our departure to Panama for the holidays. Getting 2.5 weeks of sun will be very nice. I have seen day light recently but no sun light and there is a difference. 

Posts to come
- daycare
- why is sucks being a sports fan in Seattle
- my comeback