Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can I root for Portland? Really?

Well sports fans of the NW you may not know it but the NBA season is about to start. We wouldn't know because several individuals managed to back a truck up to Key Arena and cart away our Supersonics.

Now I'll weigh in on not caring that Seattle doesn't have a basketball team. I only rooted for the Sonics twice, once in 79 and once in 96. Sure there were some times around those years and brief stint in the 80's when I was scared that Dale Ellis' wife would beat me up if I didn't root for them, but for the majority of time... I never tuned in too much. I guess after watching Michael in his prime really can ruin you.

But let's just say I have the urge to root for a team. What is a Seattle fan to do? Do we pick a random team across the nation? I know individuals in non-sports towns have to do that. We can turn our attention to the UW just in time to have a California team destroy our hopes.

I vote for the Portland Trailblazers. I vote for them for one reason. A reason that if you live in the NW and have ever watched the Sonics I don't need to explain.

Mac 10

Nuff said.

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