Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't mess with my friend Trevor

My friend Trevor competed in his first MMA Competition recently. Here's a video you can watch of it

He's obviously been kicked in the head way to many times for this to be fun. I'll take 15 hours on a bike saddle over this any day.


Here's what he sent us:

'Cause why go to all that trouble (& pain) without sharing it with those you love?

My extensive tkd background (barely relevant, as you'll see) and my nominal boxing & kickboxing experience (2 & 3 fights, respectively)
'overqualified' me to start with a novice level match-up. This is an A-class mma fight.

My own assessment: decent, albeit conservative, grappling with a catastrophic error on my part at the end (camera fails to catch it, unfortunately, but basically I shot the double leg takedown and put my head right into a guillotine choke that felt like it would've broken my neck, had I not tapped out), plus some pretty craptacular boxing (brief). Tricky thing to knit all the striking and grappling in together effectively. Can't wait for future opportunities to improve. See what you all think.


For those who are wondering, here's a list of techniques we were not allowed to use:
Elbow strikes
Knee strikes ok to body only and only with both competitors standing
Head butting, biting, eye gouging, fishhooking, direct gasping of the throat (the obvious stuff)
'Small joint' locks= fingers and toes (found out just before fighting that wrist locks ok--wish I'd been training them)
Striking to top or back of head, or to spine
Striking to knees or groin

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