Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cousin Blogs

My cousin Katie is very cool having just moved to Austin. She's bloggin too. So if you need a fix of a Nebraska girl, living in Texas, dreaming of UN Huskers and Corn Fields give her blog a read.

Katie's Blog

While some blog for love, others for fun, my cousin Patrick blogs for well.. work. Patrick owns his own All-State agency in Salt Lake City. He is also the family member that uses the most Adobe Software bar none. My mother is a close second being the Power-PDF-Forms Queen that she is, but Patrick wins. He even used Photoshop Album 2.0 in his day to day work. Hats off Cous.

Check out his Insurance themed blog here

Maybe the brothers moran should get some more guest writers. Then again if we did that Mark wouldn't be the number 2 blogger here now would he. (oh no he didn't!)

Last note: update photos in the Zenfolio account, check'em out because Jack just seems to get cuter every day.


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KatieMo said...

Corn fields?? Hey now!.....Ok, its probably true! Thanks for the shout out, cuz!