Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pizza & Pipes

There are some things from your childhood that you just miss for silly reasons after they are gone. Even if they were to return you probably would not enjoy them as much as your memories would fool you to believe.

Lavinia and I have been taking Jack out for stroller walks the past few weekends, putting about 2-3 miles with him. Usually walking for an errand, grabbing lunch or having time at the park with Jack, then the walk home. We live in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood. I went to elementary school nearby actually and spent a lot of time in this area.

One fond memory of Greenwood is the restaurant Pizza & Pipes.

Oh how I miss this fun filled Pizza house. The whole premise of the place was to eat pizza and be entertained by the Wurlwitzer Organ that originally was in Seattle's Paramount Theater. You would enter the place at the front, walk down some steps into what amounted to be a dining hall. There were no windows that I recall so the place was dark. You would walk down a long queueing line to order your pizza, then take seats at big dining hall tables and benches. I remember the pizza being okay, nothing terrible, but then again I was young. Awww youth. Now a cheese pizza almost puts me in the infirmary, but that is another post, and mostly about Jason & Tim anyway.

The Pipes though. That was the reason you came. Oh the Organ Master would start those Pipes a going and any kid in the house went mad. We'd all start walking up and watching. He would play classics that we didn't recognize at first, but as soon as he launched into the Star Wars music and others that we would recognize us kids were running around and dancing and trying to chase colored lights on the floor from the disco ball.

The thought of scarfing 3-4 pieces of pizza and then jumping around in a fashion like that would physically hurt me today.

I remember going here after soccer & basketball games as a kid. A perfect place for a lot of kids to have a good time. The Organ was removed in 1989 and I admit that I hardly noticed as it had been a long time since I was there.

I was recounting all this when we were walking one day. Lavinia just kind of smiled at me as I talked. I think at first she thought I was pulling her leg, but as I continued she just got that cute smile she gets. I will miss the chance to take Jack there. I'm sure he'll find his own memory filled place and I look forward to that though.

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