Monday, June 30, 2008

La Push (June 2008)

Dear Mark

This past weekend was pretty fun. Lavinia, Jack and I went to La Push, WA for the weekend. Jack's godparents Jason & Char joined us. The weather really worked out too. After freezing our collective butts here in Seattle this summer we were treated to 75+ degrees and sunny weather.

Do you remember La Push very well? You were probably only 10 the last time you were there. I was there last year in July with a very pregnant Lavinia. Although the water is still freezing and cold, she admitted that it was one of the best beaches in Washington that she's been to. That seems like a compliment to me.
We left Friday morning and came home Sunday. We managed to schedule our drive over (5 hours) so that Jack was napping for part of it. He was a super good kid. We stopped in Sequim (pronounced Squim) for groceries and then in Port Angeles for some lunch. The drive along Lake Crescent was very pretty. When I think of the color blue the water of that lake is what I'm thinking about.
Friday we walked along the beach, but the wind was blowing pretty good in the afternoon and it made it a bit hard to enjoy the beach when you were getting sandblasted. We had dinner together and then like a good couple Lavinia and I put Jack to bed at 8:30 and then quickly followed suit. We are such the partiers I tell ya.

Saturday was fun. We rose and got breakfast (yummy pancakes from Lavi) and then took a stroll with Jack. We snapped some fun pictures. Be sure to check the Zenfolio account.

Then after his afternoon nap we loaded up the REI backpack and headed to the second beach. The second beach is about a 1/2 mile trek down and then over a lot of driftwood to the beach. It is really long and the tide pools show neat things. We pitched a sun shade tent for Jack and we all pretty muched explored a bit and enthralled ourselves with watching him. Check out some of the pics below.

A picture of the whole gang on second beach.

I did manage to burn the tops of my feet. I'll never learn. Jack stayed shaded and was okay though. Saturday night we hung and played with Jack back at the cabin. The sunset was pretty after he went to sleep.

Jack was pretty fussy that night. He is teething (4 so far and the 5th is breaking through). He also managed to pick up a cold. So the poor guy did not sleep well, and neither did his parents that night.
Sunday we are up, and with some help from Jason & Char packed and out of there by 9:30. We returned to Seattle to find it hotter than the beach. Oy vey!

Spending time there sure did take me back to when we were there as kids. I think Lavi found it cute to hear my reminisce about it. I remember jumping from drift log to drift log trying not to touch the sand was a fun past time. After stepping in the water this weekend I have no clue how we use to play in that water for hours on end. To say it was cold is like saying the ocean was damp. Just doesn't sum it up.

Hope all is well for you. Please post a blog soon so that the family knows what's new. Maybe some updated house pictures?


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