Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some Seattle Updates

Familly, Friends, Fans(?)

Some quick updates from Seattle. Much has been going on here and rather than craft a lot of posts let me just dump some updates on ya.

1. New Pics of Jack have been posted on the Zenfolio account for April 2008. Check'em out. They are very cute and just proof of how awesome he is.

2. Work, work, work: I tell you that Lavinia and I have both just been busy at work. Without Jack I know we'd be working like fools late into the night, but that just doesn't work any more (we are almost glad about that). Can't really talk much about what we are working on but it's just busy. Good busy, but busy.

3. Daycare Colds. If you are on my IM list you have seen my title change a lot from "Daddy Gotz Kuld" to "Daycare Kuldz is Lame" to "Have Kuld, Drink Nyquil" and more. I got a really good one from Jack that made me feel like warmed over horse pucky and I think Lavinia has it now too. Good news is (knock on wood) that Jack seems to be past it and has been okay for a while. Still, what can you do.

4. Mother's Day, will post soon with pictures. A fun day for sure.

5. Aunt Mary's quilt arrived, and may I saw "wow" it is gorgeous! Aunt Mary we promise to send a note and some pictures soon!

okay, off to get ready for work. Hope you all are well

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