Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sonicless in Seattle

Well the Sonics potentially played their last home game the other night. I’m not a huge NBA fan these days. I like basketball and if the NBA fixes some things I’ll watch again. But still all that aside I want my Seattle Supersonics to stay. I realize there are other fans. I don’t think the City should foot the bill for it, but they should stay.


I see that Howard Schultz is back now at Starbucks and is now also suing Clay Bennett to keep the Sonics in Seattle. Here’s hoping he wins, brings Starbucks back to a world power and then publically apologizes for letting both things happen in the first place.



I guess when I think back the Sonics have had some historic arch-nemesis over the years


Washington Bullets – who we beat for our first and only World Championship in 1979

Los Angeles Lakers – who Tom Chambers, Dale Ellis, Nate McMillian and others battled in the 80’s.

Phoenix Suns – I still remember Shawn Kemp & Gary Payton taking it to Sir Charles in the 90’s

Portland Trailblazers – our rivals on I-5


I would have to now add 2 more people:

Wally Walker – Oh how the player from our 79 team came into Sonics management and repeatedly made bad decision after bad decision. I would have doubled the offer to hire Isaiah Thomas actually Wally was so bad.

Clay Bennett – probably a nice guy trying to do right for Oklahoma City. Just go find another team Dude.



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