Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jack is in love with the Gilmore Girls

Our son is in love with one of or both of the Gilmore Girls.

Lavinia and I have been working our way through the DVDs of the WB's Gilmore Girls season by season. It started out as something she was watching while on maternity leave. Then during the Writer's Strike after we motored through a couple Mythbusters Marathons. I eventually got sucked in myself some where around Season 3 I think. I just really enjoyed the banter on the show. I'm a sucker for shows that have witty banter (Sports Night, Studio 60, West Wing, Seinfeld).

When Lavi was home with Jack she'd watch an episode while he played and she had some breakfast. (BTW, all you all judging that our kid was "exposed" to TV can just stop reading and throw a stone from your glass house at us). Lavi has a habit of singing the theme song and she would do this with Jack and he'd giggle, as Michel would say in his French accent "it was so cute it made me sick."

So we are tearfully on the last season (What will Lorelei do this season), but that is not the reason for the post. When the theme song of the show plays Jack stops anything he is doing, eating, playing doesn't matter he stops. He looks for the source of the song and then he turns to find his Mommy and he just grins at her. It is so adorable. It's their song. His association and recognition is really fantastic.

I know I'm getting a little excited about this and it is a TV show, but it's still cute.

I think he's got a crush on Lorelei.

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