Thursday, April 10, 2008

Firsts in Audio Purchases

As my iPod shuffled up some Black Crowes it made me think about the first artist(s) I purchased in the various music formats over the years and other firsts…


1st LP – Hard to remember, probably a sesame street one

1st Cassette – Men At Work “Business As Usual”

1st CD – Black Crowes “Shake Your Moneymaker”

1st iTunes Purchase – Arc Angeles (to replace a lost CD)

1st CD to be replaced after being damaged - Mad Season

1st CD of Lavinia’s that I’d like to never admit to – Winger

1st CD purchased either because of a commercial or because we purchased the Xterra – Lenny Kravitz “Go”

1st CD of Jeff’s that I’m sure Lavinia would like to never admit to - Chant

1st Van Halen CD that I would take with me to a deserted island – 5150


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