Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grab the Hudz

This bike equipment company makes some cool products and follows up with that effort by giving back. I just picked up two pairs of Hudz and see that a portion of their sales from each product gives to a specific charity.




Very cool.


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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hanging with friends

Lavinia, Jack and I had a busy weekend. Friday Don was in town and Rod, Lisa, Jason & Char came over to the house. It was a nice way to spend a Friday evening. I have to admit that we missed some of the other fellows but Jack was having a good time with this group here.
Saturday we visited our friend Samantha at her place and met her partner Anita. Jack quickly charmed them within seconds.

April in Seattle????

What the heck? It's snowing in Seattle in April. We had Hail, Rain, and Snow this afternoon as we strollered Jack through Ballard (mmm... cup cake royale!). This is just weird weather for us. It should be raining with some sun breaks. I'm worried about my non-native Seattle friends and wife. A few more weeks of gray days could put us on some loony/suicide watches soon.

From the picture you can make out the snow, but you can't really tell just how much Lavinia truly hates the cold. Trust me, she does, passionately. I'm so lucky I talked her into staying in Seattle.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sonicless in Seattle

Well the Sonics potentially played their last home game the other night. I’m not a huge NBA fan these days. I like basketball and if the NBA fixes some things I’ll watch again. But still all that aside I want my Seattle Supersonics to stay. I realize there are other fans. I don’t think the City should foot the bill for it, but they should stay.


I see that Howard Schultz is back now at Starbucks and is now also suing Clay Bennett to keep the Sonics in Seattle. Here’s hoping he wins, brings Starbucks back to a world power and then publically apologizes for letting both things happen in the first place.



I guess when I think back the Sonics have had some historic arch-nemesis over the years


Washington Bullets – who we beat for our first and only World Championship in 1979

Los Angeles Lakers – who Tom Chambers, Dale Ellis, Nate McMillian and others battled in the 80’s.

Phoenix Suns – I still remember Shawn Kemp & Gary Payton taking it to Sir Charles in the 90’s

Portland Trailblazers – our rivals on I-5


I would have to now add 2 more people:

Wally Walker – Oh how the player from our 79 team came into Sonics management and repeatedly made bad decision after bad decision. I would have doubled the offer to hire Isaiah Thomas actually Wally was so bad.

Clay Bennett – probably a nice guy trying to do right for Oklahoma City. Just go find another team Dude.



Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jack in a high-chair

It is a beautiful day in the NW. We went for a stroll and some lunch.
Jack is sitting up in his high-chair. Next stop for us the comic store.

Bike Tech in strollers

Lavinia and I have purchased the BOB Revolution stroller with the swivel front wheel and shock absorber. We love the stroller and wish we had it earlier. It handles the bumpy streets around our neighborhood so much better.

The bike tech of the shock absorber makes me feel like I'm riding a mountain bike. I was searching on-line and I found a Carbon Fiber stroller for only $750 on sale! Ridiculous, but I'm sure Jason will consider it.
I can just see Jack strolling by now, eating a power gel of mother's milk, no hands on the steer bar, clad in lycra and wearing the yellow baby jersey

Friday, April 11, 2008

Week of IM names

I had a Van Halen theme going for my instant messenger names this week.


Monday: 5150 Time – first song in the shuffle

Tuesday/Wednesday: OUDefer12 – VH Days

Thursday: House of Defer – it’s like the VH House of Pain

Friday: Running with the Acrobat - devil, Acrobat, potatoe, potato


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jack & Mommy

Couple of cute pics of Jack hanging out with his Mommy. The first one they were just chatting with each other. The second one I think I may have interrupted his meal (grin)

Firsts in Audio Purchases

As my iPod shuffled up some Black Crowes it made me think about the first artist(s) I purchased in the various music formats over the years and other firsts…


1st LP – Hard to remember, probably a sesame street one

1st Cassette – Men At Work “Business As Usual”

1st CD – Black Crowes “Shake Your Moneymaker”

1st iTunes Purchase – Arc Angeles (to replace a lost CD)

1st CD to be replaced after being damaged - Mad Season

1st CD of Lavinia’s that I’d like to never admit to – Winger

1st CD purchased either because of a commercial or because we purchased the Xterra – Lenny Kravitz “Go”

1st CD of Jeff’s that I’m sure Lavinia would like to never admit to - Chant

1st Van Halen CD that I would take with me to a deserted island – 5150


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

AIR & Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player was released today. You all should download. After that purchase lots of software from Adobe because that would be really cool too. (grin)



Another cool Adobe AIR app I found today was with the LOLCATs


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jack is in love with the Gilmore Girls

Our son is in love with one of or both of the Gilmore Girls.

Lavinia and I have been working our way through the DVDs of the WB's Gilmore Girls season by season. It started out as something she was watching while on maternity leave. Then during the Writer's Strike after we motored through a couple Mythbusters Marathons. I eventually got sucked in myself some where around Season 3 I think. I just really enjoyed the banter on the show. I'm a sucker for shows that have witty banter (Sports Night, Studio 60, West Wing, Seinfeld).

When Lavi was home with Jack she'd watch an episode while he played and she had some breakfast. (BTW, all you all judging that our kid was "exposed" to TV can just stop reading and throw a stone from your glass house at us). Lavi has a habit of singing the theme song and she would do this with Jack and he'd giggle, as Michel would say in his French accent "it was so cute it made me sick."

So we are tearfully on the last season (What will Lorelei do this season), but that is not the reason for the post. When the theme song of the show plays Jack stops anything he is doing, eating, playing doesn't matter he stops. He looks for the source of the song and then he turns to find his Mommy and he just grins at her. It is so adorable. It's their song. His association and recognition is really fantastic.

I know I'm getting a little excited about this and it is a TV show, but it's still cute.

I think he's got a crush on Lorelei.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Separated Bicycle Lanes

This was an interesting video on the way to create separated bicycle lanes in an urban city. For commuting I would like to see this through a city, but this is a commuting solution and should not be sold as a recreation solution for families in my opinion.

A solution that makes it easier on cars to co-exist is cool with me. Physical barriers are even better idea. Making a city more bike friendly can be done with better design, but we need to remember the solution for one area or one street may not be viable in other areas. Therefore, having more options is best.

I could see Seattle finally closing 3rd Avenue through dowtown for cyclists. The next step is insuring that you have traffic avenues to downtown that are safe for cyclists as well.