Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rice Cereal Yummers

And now for something completely different... Jack had his first "solid" food this week. He had some rice cereal mixed in with his milk. We had him in his high chair and he was just chilling out. He wasn't sure what was coming. All he knew is that it was a new chair and better view point to watch Mommy in the kitchen.

When we put down the plate of rice cereal and milk he was skeptical you can tell.

But really quickly he caught on. The "airplane" game began with sounds from Mom & Dad as the food was lowered down to him. Here he is preparing the hanger for food airplane arrival.

Once in the mouth he yummed it. We think the first time that he managed to a good 60/40 split between swallowing and getting it on his bib. He really seemed to enjoy it though. I guess that is not surprising. He is Panamanian and they do love their rice. So it's only natural he yum on all this.
We wondered what was going through his mind. "It taste like milk, but there is something different. I'm use to the Mommy delivery system and although Mommy is techniaclly delivering this "spoon" thing to me it's different. Still rice sure is yummy."

Here's what he saw that day....
And what a good boy he was! He cleaned his plate and simply said "what else you got?"

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Alyssa said...

Wow did he really eat all that?!Our little one at 6 months just sort of slurped and sputtered her first rice cereal and didn't eat more than a tbsp. at a time for the first month. Go Jack!