Monday, March 17, 2008

A new day for Jack

Well it's here. Jack's first day of Daycare. We talked about it for months and it always seemed so far away. Now, BAM! it's here. Our little boy is off to daycare. To say we are in the state that everyone expects (the slightly panicked, don't-know-what-is-going-to-happen, oh dear gawd some one else is taking care of my baby state) is an understatement. However, even in that state we are doing okay. We've done the homework we can, we have friends we've talked to (Jack has been on IM and email with his buddy Elaine who's been most helpful) and Jack is a super good kid. We're sure he'll do fine.

Odds on Jack doing well are pretty high in Vegas right now. Odds on his parents drinking by noon are equally high.

Jack has been preparing for this for some time. This morning he was on BABY ESPN (because going to daycare is like Spring Training for babies). He had this to say:

BESPN: Jack. Today's a big day. First day of daycare. What's your mood.
Jack: Same as any day to be honest. I've done a lot of preparation for this. I feel I'm ready.,
BESPN: Do you expect to have a big impact on the Center?
Jack: Some day I hope to, we all do right? But this first few weeks I just want to get on the floor with the other kids, try to learn from the veterans around me and contribute when it comes to playing blocks and sharing.
BESPN: Your parents were never in daycare per say, what does it mean to be the first in your family to reach this level of care giving.
Jack: Well we all wish we could stay at home with Mommy/Daddy, but in today's economy that is just really hard. So this does feel good. Mom & Dad are really proud of me.
BESPN: What are your first few daycare goals?
Jack: Like I said I'm ready and I hope I just help make my daycare center reach a higher level by contributing. Whether that is playing blocks, or book story time, or exercising on the mat together. In the end I just hope to make my parents proud.
BESPN: There you have it. Jack Sheppard Moran is off to Daycare. Expect a few BABY ESPN web gems from this one. Now back to our studios and continued coverage of BABY X Games with the diaper change bottom wipe competition.

Jack will make us proud. It is hard to think of him with some one else all day. He hasn't rolled over yet and we may now miss the first time. There will be first we'll miss. That will be hard. But is nice to know he'll be safe. The Daycare is near work and that will really help.

Lavi goes back to work this Thursday. That gives us 3 days to ease into it. As much as you can do that. This morning we all had breakfast together. Janet and Lavi's Mom are here and have been very encouraging, everyone has.

More to write later I guess. Wish him luck!

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Joey&Erin said...

the funny thing is, i could hear the 'jack voice' when i read the script. nice interview jack!